Dear Valued Partner,

To increase the security of returned packages picked up by vendors or their representatives and ensure an ever-improving vendor experience, we will be introducing a process that allows vendors to create a credential that identifies who picked up their returned packages at the RTV Station in all hubs.
Jumia support personnel will be available at all the RTV stations to provide assistance where needed.

Benefits of the new process are mainly;

  • Faster identification of vendors
  • Increase security when picking up returned packages

Vendors need to ensure that only authorized personnel access their seller center accounts. 

This new process will allow vendors to create accounts for their “pickers”. These “pickers” will be able to login and confirm that they received the returned packages. Therefore,increasing security. An email with all the transaction information will then be sent to the vendor’s email address. Hence no more signing of documents will be required.

Once a picker is created, please ensure you record the credentials  (username and password ) somewhere, because after that you will not see them  again. In case you forget or lose credentials, the only solution is to delete and create a new picker profile or reset the credentials of the current picker.

Please also note that you should only create as many pickers as you have in reality. This means, if you have three staff working for you, you should create three picker details and each of the details must be known only to the picker.

To learn more on how to create and add a picker, click HERE.

For more information about this new process, click HERE for a detailed step-by-step presentation on how it works.