1. What is seller score?

As Jumia is a marketplace customers need to choose among many vendors. Trust is one of the biggest barriers to the growth of eCommerce in Kenya. To guarantee the quality  and availability of products from different vendors, customers are shown a seller score to help them make a decision on which vendor to purchase from. A seller score shows how reliable a vendor is.

The objective of seller score is 2 fold:

-Grow your business by attracting more customers and by building a strong brand.

-Enable customers to choose the most reliable sellers

  1. Where can you see your Seller Score

You can see your Seller Score on the Seller Center homepage.

  • Your score is very important for your consumers because  they value it before buying your products. Aim for a score of 5 to be among the best Jumia sellers .
  • The “Cancellation rate” indicates the reliability of your store. This is the percentage of orders you have cancelled or cancelled by system due to late fulfillment in the last 28 days against the number of all shipment types (Drop-shipping and Jumia Express_if any stocks are at the warehouse)
  • The “Return rate“is the percentage of items that have been returned by customers in the last 28 days and are all vendor fault reasons for the return against the number of delivered orders in the same time period.
  • The Average customer rating is the average stars that have been rated and reviewed  by customers for confirmed purchases in the last 28 days on your seller profile on the website

3. What is the impact for your customers?

On each of your product pages, the customer can see your Seller Score. The products of the top-rated sellers have a conversion rate 5 to 10 times higher than the rest of the sellers.

The score that appears is the average between these three criteria:

  • -The “Fulfillment rate” is the equivalent of your “Cancellation Rate”  which is in your Seller Center.
  • Product Quality” is the equivalent of your  “Quality Score” in your Seller Center.
  • Shipping speed” is the equivalent of your  “Shipped in 48h” in your Seller Center.
  1. How to improve your Seller Score?
  •  Improve your “Cancellation rate” by updating your stock every day so that you no longer have to cancel orders for out of stock.
  • Improve your “Shipped in 48h” by changing the status to ready to ship and dropping off within 24
  • Improve your “Quality Score” by ensuring that only authentic, new and high-quality branded products are stocked.
  1. Need help? Do not worry we are here to help you!
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