Commissions are based on the category each of the products all under. Please note that subcategory commissions might differ from the main category.

At Jumia we are relentlessly committed to supporting your business growth and profitability while ensuring customers have the best shopping experience.

In order to support this objective, we kept investing in 2022: 

  • In technology to improve your current seller center platform and to launch the new seller center end of this year
  • In marketing to increase the awareness around your products and boost your sales
  • In logistics to increase the number of products we can store in Jumia Express and therefore improve the customer experience with fast delivery
  • In free shipping on your products to foster e-commerce adoption and increase your sales

 As you know, we are unfortunately facing unprecedented macroeconomic challenges:

  • Global inflation affecting all product categories across all areas where we operate
  • Increase of the logistic costs triggered by the skyrocketing oil & gas increase
  • Shortage and price increase of raw materials
  • Increase of the marketing costs online and offline to run marketing campaigns

 In this context and in order to maintain the same quality of service for our consumers and our sellers, we are constrained to revisit our commissions, processing fees, and storage fees.

 These changes will be effective starting from Saturday 3rd September 2022

1/ The new commissions charged for the categories displayed:

*Click here for a full breakdown of the changes.

 To know which  commission to apply on your Seller Center, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the Settings tab in seller center

Step 2: Click Your Profile


                                             How to calculate your Jumia product price

Jumia Product Price = (Item price + order processing and shipping fees)/ (1- commission)

For example;

If you are selling a phone case  at Ksh 400, a phone case category is phone accessories which is 15% and shipping cost contribution is Ksh.100

Your price on Jumia will be (400+100) *( 0.15)  =Ksh.560 

 2/ The new order processing fees structure:

 Click here for a full breakdown of the drop-shipping processing fees changes

Click here for a full breakdown of the Jumia express processing fees changes

3/ The new storage fees structure:

Kindly note: After the first 15 days, the storage fees will evolve progressively – increasing based on how long the stock has been staying in the warehouse, according to the following aging buckets:
NB/Base fees are charges per day 1