Commissions are charged based on the category of the item you wish to sell. 

Note that subcategory commissions may differ slightly from the main category commissions. 

Kindly Click Here to refer to the commission file based on the  full specific category path of your product:

See the assigned commission per category below:

How to calculate your Jumia product price

Jumia Product Price = (Item price + order processing and shipping fees)/ (1- commission)

For example;

A vendor is selling a mobile phone at Ksh 16000 which falls under the Phones and Tablet category with 6% Commission, how much commission will be deducted?

Commission = 6% (0.06)

0.06 x 16000   = 960

The commission deducted will be Ksh 960

Shipping Cost Contribution is Ksh 120 


The Shipping Cost Contribution is a fee that is charged to support the logistics involved in moving items ordered from one point to another. 

This fee is also based on the category of the ordered item. Bear in mind that the fee for Drop shopping items differs from items on Jumia Express. 

See below the Shipping Cost Contribution fees

Click HERE for a full breakdown of the Drop-shipping Shipping Cost Contribution Fees.

Click HERE for a full breakdown of the Jumia Express Shipping Cost Contribution Fees.


Kindly note: After the first 15 days, the storage fees will evolve progressively – increasing based on how long the stock has been staying in the warehouse, according to the following aging buckets: 

NB/Base fees are charges per day