To join jumia express or create CO:

  • – Sellers need to have a score greater than or equal to 4.

  • – Sellers with age less than or equal to 30 can create a consignment regardless of their score.

After accessing Vendor Center:

Step 1

  • From Products menu choose the new sub menu item “Fulfillment by Jumia” and click on “Bulk creation” Button.


Step 2

Export the valid products of a country.

  • – Select shop for consignment.

  • – Select country / warehouse of consignment.

  • – Click on “Download Products” to download a file of Products eligible for consignment, where you’ll find the columns:

  • – Jumia SKU

  • – SellerSKU

  • – Quantity : empty

OR: you can click on “Download Template” to download an empty products template.


Only active countries on selected shop will be displayed, so You can only create a CO if your shop is active in selected country.

Step 3

Import the catalog.

  • – For the products you want to send to Jumia warehouse add the Quantity.

  • – Save your changes in the file.

  • – Import the file by dropping it in the designated area – Drop your file here.


You can only add a limited number of products to a single CO which is 2000 products.

Step 4

Monitor the import in the Import History.

On the import history table you can:

  • – Check the progress and status of imported files

  • – Download the original uploaded file

  • – Download the error report if the status is failed, by click on “Download error report” icon

The Status can be:

  • – Pending: The file is not being processed yet.

  • – In progress: The file is being processed.

  • – Completed: All products in the file were successfully created.

  • – Failed: One or more products failed to be created. The Error Report is available in the Progress column


If seller is not eligible to create consignment he will received error message “You are currently not eligible to use the fulfilment by Jumia service. Please raise a claim here for our commercial team to review your eligibility.”

and cannot proceed with next steps for (export/import) file

Click here to learn more about jumia express

To check the consignments list, do the following;

  • >> From Products menu choose the new sub menu item “Fulfillment by Jumia” to see a list of consignments


You can see a list of consignments with the CO number ( PO number sent by OMS), The user who created the CO, the number of items and total price



Total Price of consignment order equal sum of the quantities price for all products inside the consignment order


If you select one CO you can see the shipping information tab with (shipping status, tracking number, 3PL name, Delivery agent Phone number, actual departure date and estimated time of arrival)


If you select on Details tab, The Details of consignment tab is displayed with (businessClientCode, createdAt, deliveryType and comment)

If you select on Products tab, The products of consignment tab is displayed with Products name, sku, price, number of submitted products and number of received products.


Why Consignment Creation can fail?