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Chapter 6: Our Policies

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Return Guidelines

Dear Valued Vendor,
In an effort to improve our return to vendor process and better our vendor  experience we have made a few tweaks to our return to vendor process.
As stated in our seller…

Finance Guidlines

In an effort to streamline our payment process we would like you to ensure that you have correct bank details and know the payment methods…

Jumia Market Insights

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Counterfeit Products

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Dear Partner,

As we are all aware that one of the biggest barriers to e-commerce growth in Kenya is Trust.  Customers , especially new customers are always very skeptical of trying to purchase something online for the first time. Existing customers rarely come back in case they have a poor experience with their orders.

The biggest fear of customers is purchasing poor quality products or even worse counterfeit products.  The sale of counterfeit products erodes our customers’ trust and even makes it difficult for us to acquire more customers due to the tarnished reputation.

We take product quality very seriously and we would like to provide our customers with a variety of good quality affordable products at all times.

To ensure we have accurate descriptions – apply the suggestions below.

Non-fashion items products without any logo or brand name Use Generic as the brand
Fashion items products without any logo or brand name Use Fashion as the brand
Product with a logo or Brand Indicate the name of the Brand as labeled

Please note:

  • Any product with brand names and logos that are indicated as generic will be considered counterfeit.

Example 1.

The product should be marked as an EPSON brand

Example 2

This product is correctly mapped as a generic product

Reach out to vendor support to create a new  brand that is not existent on seller center or fill in this form

We have a list of brands that are restrictedbecause of the numerous counterfeit products identified . For you to sell such brands you should provide a letter of authorization from the brand.

The stage at which the counterfeit is identified Penalty Consequence
Counterfeit identified during website quality check 1000 KSH Product Deactivated
Counterfeit identified during drop off 25,000 KSH Product Deactivated
Counterfeit identified after customer complaints 25,000KSH Product Deactivated, vendor deactivated in case of more than 2 occurrences

But do not worry,  in case you have any disputes about the penalty charged or  products wrongly classified as a counterfeit product –raise a claimand it will be resolved within 48hrs.

Reach out to vendor support  on 0709 726000  in case of any questions or clarification


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You have talked, and we have listened? Being compensated for items or packages is a long and arduous process. As of 4th of February we will be changing our process to make this compensation faster.

How does this work?

You’ll be required to accept all your returns and delivery fails regardless of the condition. In case you have an issue with the items or packages you will be expected to raise a claim within 2 hrs and log in the claim with the agent at the drop off station. Attaching the relevant documentation and photos to support your claim.

Vendor support will validate the claim within 48 hrs and compensation will be made with your next statement.

For example.

How to Raise A Claim?

  • Login on to your seller center
  • Click on Raise a claim

  • Input your email address that is registered to your store
  • Input your store name as it is on Seller Center
  • Select the Claim type
  • Fill the all relevant information to help us resolve the issue faster and submit.

That’s it! Refunds will be credited to sellers’ payment account after your claim checks out, and they will no longer have to raise invoices and wait weeks for your product to be compensated.

Processing Orders

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Table of Contents

Lesson Objectives

How to

Important notes

Lesson Objectives

Now that you have learned how to add products one by one or using the “Sell yours” feature on Jumia, and how to manage and/or update your products the next step is to manage your orders once the start coming in.

By the end of this lesson you should be able to:

  • Move your orders from Pending to shipped
  • Understand the the packaging guidelines
  • Understand how to order packaging material from Jumia

How to

Managing orders is an essential skill that you need to always keep your customers receiving as soon as possible

Moving your orders from pending to shipped

Understanding the Packaging guidelines

Before processing an order you need to understand our packaging guidelines. As a rule all items that are sold through Jumia have to be packed in Jumia packaging material.

There are a couple of steps you would need to take before actually buying the packaging material.

  1. Understand the packaging guidelines
  2. Buy the packaging material


You always need to have the packaging material with you whenever you are selling on Jumia. When you buy the packaging material you need to come and collect it within 12 hours.

Never pack your products in the Jumia Packaging material before you have brought them to Jumia for drop off.

The items will be quality checked and then if they pass the QC that is when you pack them

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No Vendor Rejection Process

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What is the new process?

In effect, the new process will require the vendors to collect all reversed packages and if they have an issue with those packages, they are to raise a claim using the vendor claims form. Once the form has been filled in, the details will be sent to the vendor issue resolution team who will approve or reject claims based on a matrix they have and the present and past details of that vendor. Initially this will be a manual step executed by the VIR team but it will eventually be automated.

What is the goal of the new process?

The goal of this new process is to improve our VXP (shorter issue resolution SLAs) and improve Jumia Services reverse-flow operations (reduction of volumes directed to after-sales and end of RTV rejections backlog).

How can our vendors get on board?

Before the operations start to push for this new process in the last mile (VDO) hubs, a set of communications will be sent in advance to all vendors explaining to them the changes that will be made and explaining the advantages for both sides of raising a claim instead of rejecting RTV packages. The RTV agent will help the vendors raise their first claims at the hub.

In the case where a vendor still wants to reject a package on the spot, the hub operator would highlight to you the advantages of the new process and explaining what happens if the vendor rejects the package and leaves it at the hub.

If the vendor still insists on rejecting and leaving the package in the hub, the package will be reversed to after-sales where it will be forfeited, submitted to quality control and moved to inventory or quarantine depending on QC result.

What are the advantages of this new process?

The main advantage of this change for you the vendor is that you can get quicker issue resolution and compensation for returned items.

The advantages for the vendor are:

  1. Replacing ownership issues with financial issues during vendor issue resolution as these are easier to solve.
  2. Eliminating the need to ask for invoices to complete forfeitures for rejected RTV packages.
  3. Improving the vendor experience.

How will a vendor raise a claim?

  • The vendors should only raise a claim related to a return in case of any issue with the returned item;
  • The claim has to be submitted by the vendor within 2 hours after receiving the RTV package;
  • Go to Seller Center and click on ‘Raise a Claim’;
  • Choose the reason for the claim;
  • Explain in the additional comments box the reason for the claim;
  • Attach all the relevant documents and pictures that support the claim.

What if a vendor wants to raise a claim for several packages (all delayed, for example)?

The vendors can make a maximum of four claims per package.

How can Jumia track those vendor claims?

All vendor claims will be treated and tracked as tickets in Salesforce.

Failed deliveries

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Occasionally packages are returned to us as undeliverable. When the 3PL returns an undeliverable package to us, you will be issued a full refund (including shipping charges).
Orders that are returned to us as undeliverable are not able to be re-shipped.
If you suspect your order cannot be delivered as addressed and you have not received confirmation of its return or refund after 4 weeks from the estimated delivery date, please contact us.

Reasons for failed deliveries

There are many reasons that a package may be returned to us as undeliverable.
Incorrect Address/Missing Information.
The package is typically returned to us by the carrier or the unintended recipient if the address is incorrect, has typos, is missing information (such as an apartment number or ZIP code), or is outdated (such as a previous residence).
Secure Location.
Your package may be returned to us if there is no safe place to leave the package at the point of delivery, where the package is safe from weather and is not visible to passersby.
Unable to Access.
Your package may be returned to us if the carrier can’t access the delivery location due to no access code and can’t obtain the information after multiple attempts.
Failed Delivery Attempts.
Most of our carriers make three attempts to deliver a package. High value packages merchandise will always require a signature; otherwise, it is generally up to the driver’s discretion to determine whether a signature is required. After three attempts, the package will be returned to us.
Damaged During Transit.
If a package is damaged on its way to you, the shipper may return it to us without attempting delivery.
Other Transportation Problems.
Packages can be sorted to the wrong carrier or labels can be damaged such that the carrier is unable to determine the correct delivery address.
Refused by Recipient.
If a recipient is not expecting a package, they may refuse it if they believe it was sent to them in error.


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Table of Contents

Lesson Objectives

How to

Important Notes

Lesson Objectives

By the end of this lesson you should be able to:

  1. Learn how to drop-off your items
  2. Learn how to set your items as ready for pickup

How to

Set your orders as ready to ship

  • Login to your account on Jumia Seller Center or download the App
  • Go to orders tab click it and go to manage orders
  • Check the items inside the order.
  • Select the order you want to process
  • Select the drop-off hub/shipping provider
  • Print all documents
  • Mark the order as ready to ship

Drop-Off your items at the drop-Off hub

How will the package look like

See here to check our vendor guidelines on  how to package your products

Keep the package open for QC

Where will I drop-off my package

You will be dropping off your package to the drop off hub selecting when you set the package to packed.

Here you can see the drop-off hubs available in the country with detailed addresses.

Important Notes

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Can I use my own packaging material?

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Table of Contents

Lesson Objectives

How to


Lesson Objectives

By the end of this lesson you should be able to:

  1. Know if you have to use Jumia packing material or you can use yours
  2. Know the guidelines for the materials in case you’ll use your own
  3. Which packing items you’ll have to get from Jumia


You need to understand how to pack you order:

Click here to understand the guidelines on how to pack your orders.

How to

As Jumia, we always works in alignment with our sellers so we have updated the process of packaging materials to make it easier for our vendors, keeping all options open.

Packing Materials to be used must be bought from JUMIA and they include

  • Fliers,
  • Boxes
  • Bubble wraps
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Tapes

At all points we encourage you to have the packaging material on hand before you start receiving orders which means you need to buy them beforehand. Note we will not ask you to pay upfront for the packaging material you buy, you make an order collect and as you sell we recover our costs for the packaging material.

To order for packaging material click here

Important Steps to remember

  • Read and understand the packaging guidelines
  • Order for packaging materials
  • Collect in 12 hours from your drop off point
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