Introduction to Jumia Express

Jumia Express as a service offers you;

  • Storage of your inventory at the Jumia warehouse.
  • Order fullfilment for orders made by customers, which includes, picking, packing and delivering orders to customers.
  • Handling customer returns.
  • Jumia Express guarantees fast delivery.
  • No commitment: Ability to leave Jumia Express whenever you want.
  • Jumia Express is flexible: use Jumia Express for only parts of your stock, and drop-shipping for the rest.
  • Jumia Express is an all-inclusive service, from packaging to return management.

Jumia Express is only eligible to vendors with a seller score of 4 or above! Ensure to stock only your fast-selling products.

How does it work?

Jumia Express is effortless…

– Your items are stored at the Jumia Express Warehouse.

– We then pick, pack and ship each order directly to your customer.


How does it improve your Jumia experience?

Increase Your Sales via:

  • Free shipping to customers
  • Better Visibility
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • No Daily Order Limit

Simplify your operations by leveraging Jumia’s world-class warehousing & logistics:

  • Optimized Warehousing & Personnel Costs
  • No Drop-Shipping Process
  • No Out of Stock Penalties
  • No hidden or additional fees once you have signed up to Jumia Express.
  • Jumia Express Vendor Shipping Contribution will always beat the equivalent pricing for Drop Shipping.
  • Jumia’s operational efficiency will offer you un-matched savings when compared to costs of overheads,
    warehousing space, packing materials, labour, customer service etc.


Jumia Express Delivery Promise

As a Jumia Express Vendor, we commit to delivering your products to customers in the fastest possible time. Customer love our Express Service and can expect items in the following timelines once an order is placed. Click HERE to view the breakdown of our zones according to cities.


How much does Jumia Express cost?

The Jumia Express Fee is split into two components. All fees on Jumia Express are inclusive of VAT.

  1. Jumia Express Storage (based on item size): storage for your product in a Jumia Warehouse.
  2. Vendor Shipping Contribution (based on item size and category):
  • Picking and packing of your products when a customer orders them.
  • Shipping of your products to the customer.
  • Customer service and returns supported by Jumia.
You get free storage for the first 15 days on Jumia Express, maximize on this benefit by inbounding stock that will sell out within the 15 days and you can always replenish once all stocks in the warehouse have sold out.

Why should you join Jumia Express?

How do you store your products on Jumia Express?

1. Log on to your seller center > Click manage products > click Jumia Express

2. Click send to warehouse > click create new request. This will allow you to select the products you would like to send to the warehouse and the quantities.

3. Ensure you have put all the SKUs you would like to send to the warehouse and click submit.

4. While still on your seller center account click on warehouse scheduling to pick the date you would like to drop your items at the warehouse.

  • After your PO submission our teams will respond to you on email on your booking.
  • Before making your drop off at the warehouse have 2 copies of the PO printed alongside the invoice of your products.
  • Ensure your products are packaged correctly before drop-off at the warehouse

Understanding the status of your PO on your seller center

  • Draft: You created the Jumia Express request, but did not submit it to our team yet. You have to submit or it won’t be processed.
  • Submitted: The request has been processed and waiting for our team’s approval.
  • Approval needed: The request has been changed during the quality check by the to the warehouse team.
  • Accepted: You can now go to the Warehouse on the date agreed with our team and drop off your products.
  • Received: After the inbound process and quality check at the Warehouse, your request will have the “received” status.
  • Canceled: Request has been cancelled by you or by the Warehouse.
  • Rejected: The request has been rejected by our team – to avoid this, see recommendations for your request below.

How do you package items before dropping them to the warehouse?

General Jumia Express Guidelines

  • Minimum Jumia Express inventory level is 5 items per product
  • No fresh foods or plants can be stored in Jumia Express
  • Grocery items must be at least 6 months to expiry date
  • Your shipment must match the details specified on Jumia Express request. Any deviations such as extra items, incorrect sizes or colors not included in the initial request will be rejected and returned with the delivery representative.
  • All items must be sorted and batched according to product type to allow for quick inspection of each product in batches
  • Items must be suitably packaged for storage and subsequent delivery. Item packaging quality must be in original condition.

 If 30% of your products of each SKU don’t pass the quality check , the whole inbound shipment will be rejected



  • Sandton Park, Enterprise Road, Road C – Accommodates small to medium items e.g fashion, grocery, beauty.
  • Mombasa Road Inside K Complex, Cabanas, Nairobi – Acommodates large items e.g TVs, fridges, microwaves.


No – on the contrary, the Jumia Express pricing plan is both simple and affordable. Jumia Express aims to optimise your costs, allowing you to outsource and save on personnel expenses, storage and logistics facilities.

Yes. Jumia Express is 100% flexible: you can place part of your assortment on Jumia Express, whilst also maintaining additional stock via Drop Shipping.

Yes. By storing your products at the Warehouse, we acknowledge their good condition. If you consider they are not in a satisfactory condition at the point of return, we will make payment for the value of the product(s) depending on the damages.

No. You select how much stock to deliver to the Jumia Express warehouse. We only require that you meet the mandatory minimum threshold so as to avoid out of stock items.

As a Jumia Vendor you have accesses to Jumia Seller Center. Inventory related information incl. Stock levels and sales performance is available via this platform.

Absolutely nothing, you don’t even need to confirm the order – Jumia handles the order process from end-to-end.

No. Jumia will oversee the shipping and return processes, any failed / mis-delivered items will be returned to your inventory in the Jumia Express Warehouse. Only in the case of quality issues with the product, we will seek to return the item to the vendor.

Yes, Jumia Express is a 100% flexible service. You can remove your stock at your convenience. Simply raise a return request via Seller Centre. You can expect the process to take up to 7 days.

Yes. You will have one compulsory onboarding if you are a new vendor.

And training and question sessions are organized every week on Tuesday and Thursday.