1. Introduction to Jumia Express

Jumia Express is a premium service for your customers. It offers best sellers to customers, with a premium shipping.

Before joining Jumia Express, our team will review your performances over the past weeks.

Only your fast-selling products will be eligible for Jumia Express!

  1. How does it improve your Jumia experience?

Increase Your Sales via:

  • Better Visibility
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • No Daily Order Limit

Simplify Your Operations by leveraging Jumia’s world-class warehousing & logistics:

  • Optimized Warehousing & Personnel Costs
  • No Drop-Shipping Process
  • No Out of Stock Penalties
  1. How does it work?

Jumia Express is effortless…

– Your items are stored at the Jumia Express Warehouse.

– We then pick, pack and ship each order directly to your customer.

Jumia Express promises:

  • Jumia Express guarantees fast delivery.
  • No commitment: Pay as you Go fees, and ability to leave Jumia Express whenever you want.
  • Jumia Express is flexible: use Jumia Express for only parts of your stock, and drop-shipping for the rest.
  • Jumia Express is an all-inclusive service, from packaging to return management.
  1. Jumia Express Deliver Promise.

As a Jumia Express vendor, we commit to delivering your products to customers in the fastest possible time. Customers love our Express Service and can expect items in the following timelines once an order is placed:                               

  1. How much does Jumia Express cost?

The Jumia Express Fee is split into two components:

a) Jumia Express Storage (based on item size): storage for your product in a Jumia Warehouse.

b) Vendor Shipping Contribution (based on item size and category):

– Picking and packing of your products when a customer orders them.

– Shipping of your products to the customer.

– Customer service and returns supported by Jumia.

Charges are effective April 5,2021

  1. Benefits of Jumia Express fees?

– Jumia’s operational efficiency will offer you un-matched savings when compared to costs of overheads, warehousing space, packing materials, labour, customer service etc.

– Jumia Express Vendor Shipping Contribution will always beat the equivalent pricing for Drop Shipping.

– No hidden or additional fees once you have signed up to Jumia Express.