Sponsored Products

To grow your sales, you need to increase your visibility, this means increase the number of customers that see your products on Jumia. Sponsored products will help you boost your products visibility and if your products have best prices and top content, you will increase your sales.

1. Benefits of using Sponsored Products


Your products will appear at the top of the page.

Market Share

Increase in your market share.

Pay per click

Pay only when a customer clicks your products.

One-time payment

Cost of package will be debited from Seller Center.

Returns on Investment

Helps you control your returns on investment.

2. How to manage this tool?

In order to subscribe to Sponsored Products, please follow these steps.

A/ Log in to your Seller Center Account.

B/ Go on “Promotions” and click on “Sponsored products

C/ Select “Boost your visibility”.

D/ A new page appears, click on the blue URL to log in to the dashboard.

E/ Once you log in to Mabaya, you will be able to choose a Pack of sponsored products.

The higher the package, the cheaper the click! 

  1. 1. How to select the products you want to sponsor?


A/ By default all your products will be included in the campaign. This is not the optimal scenario, so as a first step exclude all the products.


B/ Aim at having one SKU in the campaign for each 100 Clicks:

– Basic Package: 4 SKUs

– Advanced Package: 9 SKUs

– Pro Package: 20 SKUs

Include these products in the campaign.


C/ Once you have launched your first sponsored products, weekly track your performance. To do so, look at your ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) that is calculated like this: 

ACoS = Total Ads Spend / Total Sales

Ideally, you want the ACoS of your products as low as possible.



  1. 2. How to make sure your products make it to the top?


A/ Make sure that your products have the good price. First, check if you have the Buy Box. If not, reprice.

Check also the similar product carousel to make sure that the price of your reference is the most competitive one.


B/ Ensure that your Seller Score is as close as possible of 5. It informs the customers about the quality of your shop based on 3 criteria:

– Fulfillment rate

– Product quality

– Shipping speed

Please click here to know more about Seller Score. 


C/ Check if the content of your product is complete:

– 5 pictures minimum

– For fashion or beauty, make sure you show the product worn by somebody and zoom on the fabric or texture

– For Electronics, show all the details in terms of connectivity

– Extensive product description with all the key specifications


D/ Make sure your are pushing the most popular products.

For instance, here you have to push the grey iPhone since it has a better rating.