At Jumia, we take product authenticity very seriously since it is crucial to protect our online community and build customers’ trust in Jumia and its vendors, leading to repeated purchases and increased business for all stakeholders.

It is each seller’s responsibility to source and sell only high-quality and completely genuine products: the sale of items that have been illegally replicated, reproduced or manufactured is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

In that regard, Jumia has a zero-tolerance policy in all matters to do with counterfeiting and will treat all counterfeit cases with even more severity at all stages of their product life cycle, which are:

  1. Counterfeits spotted by our content team during the product page creation
  2. Counterfeits spotted by our quality check agents at the hubs and warehouses
  3. Counterfeits spotted by customers after receiving their orders
  4. Counterfeits spotted by our After-sales team when checking the returned products

In all those instances – and any other potential where a counterfeit would be noticed – we will immediately delist the concerned product from our website and apply a counterfeit penalty with no exceptions unless the vendor proves the absence of counterfeit.

The counterfeit penalties are as follows:

  • Counterfeit and used products – Sh 20,000

This penalty will be considered a warning to infringing vendors: if caught a second time trying to list/sell a counterfeit product, their shop will be permanently delisted. It therefore won’t be able to sell on Jumia anymore.

We will also be fully transparent to legal authorities investigating cases of alleged breaches of trademarks on our platform.

Kindly find below some tips which will help you avoid any counterfeit penalties:

  • Before listing a new product on Jumia, in case you have any doubt whether this item could be considered a counterfeit, feel free to contact us via our Contact form attaching a picture of your item and as many details as possible: we will get back to you confirming if you are allowed to sell this item on Jumia or not.
  • Ensure that you deal and receive your stock from authorized distributors only
  • Do not list exclusive brands you have not been authorized to sell: the list of banned and restricted brands can be found here
  • Do not list brands with an altered spelling (e.g. “Lewis Vitton” instead of “Louis Vuitton“)
  • Do not list products with brand logos that are not manufactured by the said brand (e.g. using a Gucci logo for a Non-Gucci product)
  • Do not list a counterfeit product under Generic or Fashion to deceive our agents and customers or under a different category for a lesser commission
  • Do not create authentic product pages but then deliver counterfeit items instead
  • Do not sell as a free item a counterfeit product because the penalty applied will be the same
More tips & details on counterfeits can be found on YouTube HERE
The buckle on Gucci and its red ribbons is trademarked hence no items should be uploaded on the Jumia site with the buckle detail or the red ribbon details. See the list of brand logos HERE
The Hermes sandals design is trademarked by Hermes hence no items should be a replica of the Hermes sandals design. See the list of brand logos HERE