1. How is it making you a good vendor?

Business success on Jumia is highly dependent on stock management. Your customers don’t want to order an item which is not currently available in your stock.

– Update your stock level AT LEAST ONCE a day to make sure your Seller Center stock EXACTLY matches your physical stock.

– A customer is happy when the products he orders are AVAILABLE.

– A happy customer will come back to buy your products because he feels SECURE buying from you.

  1. How to update your inventory one by one

Below are some instructions on how to update your inventory in Seller Center:

A/ On your Seller Center account, click on: Products → Manage products

B/ On the “Available” column, click on the pen. In the field “Allocated stock”, write the stock currently available.


  1. How to update your stock massively

If you have several updates on your stock to do, you can use a template to save time.

A/ On your Seller Center account, click on: Products → Import products

B/ Then click on “Stock update (All SKUs)” to download the Excel file.

C/ In the Excel file, that you downloaded fill it in with all your information. Save the file in csv format and click upload button to upload the file

D/ – If the upload is successful, a confirmation message will appear in green.

     – If the upload is not successful, a blue message will appear at the top: to see the errors you can either wait for the full report to be available or you can click on “Show Preview”.

  1. Any questions? Don’t worry we are here to help you!

– Raise a claim on the Internet: LINK