Product quality is one of our main concerns at Jumia because it is essential to build trust with our customers and partners, leading to repeated purchases and growth of your business with us. is why we have a specialized team called the after-sales team that inspects all customer returns. This step aims to assess the condition of the returned product and identify the reason for its return. If the reason for return verified by this team is related to the initial quality of the product, it will impact the return rate on your store and consequently affect the seller score as well.

What is new?

Previously, you didn’t have visibility into the reason for the return on the vendor center that the after-sales team placed on your returned order. You only saw the customer’s reason. So, we added a whole section to the returned order page on your store explaining why the team returned the order to you. This reason may differ from the customer’s reason for return and includes a picture showing the condition of the return.

This will affect your rating if the responsible party for the issue is the(Vendor). You can access these details through

  1. licking on the returned order

2. Select the order for which you want to see the details, then click on the expand icon next to each product to check the reason for the return

In case you were identified as the responsible party (i.e., the “Damage responsibility” field is updated to “Vendor”), please raise a claim within 48 hours of collecting the returned item with all supporting pictures/videos and information. We’ll respond to you within 2 working days.