To enhance our search and relevance of assortment, we will have some limitations on how many products you can create in your shop.

How it works?

Click on Settings > Manage Products

Sellers will have a tier determined by their sales in the last 90 days. The more you sell, the more new products you can create. Each level has a maximum number of active products allowed. Please see the following table, new seller in tier G with a limitation of 5000 SKUs:

When the limit is reached, the system will display the following message

“You have reached your product creation limit, please refer to the Product Creation Limit table or contact support.”

At this point, you can take the following measures:

  • Increase sales by optimizing product content, checking customer needs, and participating in promotions, to increase the level to obtain more active SKUs.
  • Delete low-volume, underperforming products to make room for creating new products.