1. Inventory Management Guidelines

Jumia Express is ideal for your best selling products and will turbo-charge your sales. However you must ensure you:

– Inbound your top-selling products

– Provide sufficient stock for 30 days (Non-Fashion Items) / 60 days (Fashion Items)

– Inbound only high-quality items

– Ensure your pricing is competitive

Your customers will love popular products, delivered at speed with premium packaging and express shipping…this is a key factor in becoming a top. It will increase your sales.

WARNING: We might reject your PO request to if we think your product doesn’t meet JE requirement for “top-selling” items. Our seller service might also contact you and advise you on the right price and products to put on Jumia Express.



  1. Managing your stock on the Seller Center.

A/ Seller Centre offers you a complete overview of you stock:







E/ Replenishment Alert




  1. Full overview

A/ If you want to have a full overview of your stock, Jumia Express and regular Dropshipping, you need to return to the main product dashboard:





C/ It is also on this page that you can: 




  1. Seller Coach Assistant

Here you’ll find Seller Coach, a dedicated guide to optimising your sales:

– In the recommended price column, the seller coach gives you the optimal price we determined with our algorithm. If you accept the recommended price, it improves your chance of i) winning the buy box ii) generating more sales.

– Go in the “Uncompetitively priced” category, and will find all products that our Seller Coach consider as poorly priced, with a price recommandation.