1. What products can you create with this method

Login to your Seller Center: click on “Products” → “Add a product”.

Click on “Create a new product” and select a category relevant to your products a below. Use browse category for most common products and then click on select.

Click on select and now fill in your product details.

  • Fill in the name of the product — Don’t include the brand in the name
  • Fill in the brand of the product.  If item has no indicated brand use “Generic/Fashion”. If the item has a brand indicate the same brand as the item. If the brand doesn’t exist  create a request for brand creation at the bottom of the page. As indicated in the image below. The brand will be created within 24 working hours.

Fill in the product details as indicated in the image below and click on submit.

Fill in the “Product pricing” tab, fill in the SKU seller, Quantity and Price fields.

Leave the “variation” field empty unless your product has several sizes eg clothes and liquids (for Fashion products, this field must be filled in).

If your product exists in several colors, you must create additional product pages to add them.

Click on submit

  • In the “images” tab, download the images for your product page. Note that the first image uploaded will be the page highlighted for your product. Follow these recommendations for downloading your images
  • The resolution of the images must be between 500 × 500 and 2000 × 2000 pixels.
  • A white background is recommended.
  • No watermarks.
  • The maximum image size is 2MB

You can also crop or edit the images to choose the best part of the product you want to show by clicking on the pencil at the top of the image.

Make sure the main image only includes the product.

Fashion and some categories products requires at least 3 images: front, back, side.  Remember the customer has no luxury of looking at the physical products before making the decision to buy. For instance a fridge should have images of how it looks inside.

Finally, click on “Submit and Finish”.