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Penalties & Fees

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Out of Stock (OOS) Customer Compensation

As you already know, the greatest blocker to online shopping in Kenya is lack of trust.  Customers are concerned the product ordered will not be the same as the one delivered, that it will not be delivered on time, or – worst of all – that it will not be delivered at all. We want to change this, and you can help us – first, by keeping your stock up to date at all times and second, by cancelling the order as soon as possible if a product is out of stock.

In line with the above, we will decrease our OOS compensation fee if you cancel the an order you cannot ship early (the same day!) and increase it if you cancel it late (after day 2).

Out of Stock (OOS)


If you cancel an order you cannot ship…

Customer Compensation (KES)



2x commission, min 500, max 1000

Started August 15th 2018

The same day

1.5x commission, min 375, max 750

The next day (D+1)

2x commission, min 500, max 1000

2 days later (D+2)

2x commission, min 500, max 1000

3 or more days later (for exceptional cases)

3x commission, min 750, max 1500

Jumia Shipping Fees and Jumia Express Storage Fee

Shipping Fees


Item classification

Jumia Express storage =<90 days (KES)

Jumia Express Shipping Cost Contribution (KES)

Drop Shipping
Cost Contribution (KES)



40 / item per month

Fully subsidized by Jumia

50 / package


300 / item per month

Fully subsidized by Jumia

150 / package


600 / item per month

Fully subsidized by Jumia

250 / package

FMCG and selected Beauty & Baby

20 / item per month

Fully subsidized by Jumia

25 / package


35 / item per month

Fully subsidized by Jumia

50 / package

Started August 20th 2018


40 / item per month

30 / package

50 / package


200 / item per month

100 / package

200 / package


400 / item per month

150 / package

300 / package

FMCG and selected Beauty & Baby

20 / item per month

10 / package

25 / package


35 / item per month

25 / package

50 / package

Customer Compensation for Bad Quality Products

Returns Compensation – Vendor Related Reasons*


Customer Compensation (KES)



Started August 20th 2018

2x commission, min 500, max 3000

Vendor Related Reasons* – Wrong item (item different than the website: different color, size, brand, other characteristics), Item is incomplete (has missing parts), Item is defective (tech issue), Item does not turn on (DOA-dead on arrival), Item is expired

Jumia Penalty Fee for QC(Quality Control) Fail

Quality Control Fail – Compensation for Dropping Off Wrong Item


Customer Compensation (KES)



Started August 20th 2018 (No Changes)


Vendor Related Reasons* – Wrong item (item different than the website: different color, size, brand, other characteristics),


Please refer to your commissions and fees by following the following steps.

i) Go to SettingsYour Profile > Commission and Fees
ii) Click on “view” on the commission rate
iii) All categories are highlighted and you can view each commission charged for all categories for any delivered final items from selling on Jumia

Delisting & Order Limit

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 Reasons an account gets order limits

– Constant order cancellation;

– Long shipping time

Solution for Order limit

– Consistency in low to zero cancellations

-Fast order processing

 Reasons for delisting 

-Out of Stock(OOS)

-Counterfeit products

-Duplicate account

-High returns

Solution for delisting

– Training for both OOS and High returns only. (counterfeit and duplicate is permanent)

Finance Guidelines

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Dear Valued Partner,

In an effort to streamline our payment process we would like you to ensure that you have correct bank details and know the payment methods.

Payment Method Payment Schedule Payment Cycle Comment
MPESA Weekly Every Wednesday for Previous Week Sales Applicable < KES 50,000 Sales
MPESA Monthly Payments are Made by the 8th Working Day of the Following Month Applicable < KES 50,000 Sales
EFT Weekly Every Wednesday for Previous Week Sales Same Day for Barclays Bank Account Holders and within 72 hrs for other banks*
EFT Monthly Payments are Made by the 8th Working Day of the Following Month Same Day for Barclays Bank Account Holders and within 72 hrs for other banks*
RTGS Weekly Every Wednesday for Previous Week Sales Same Day for Barclays Bank Account Holders and within 72 hrs for other banks*
RTGS Monthly Payments are Made by the 8th Working Day of the Following Month Same Day for Barclays Bank Account Holders and within 72 hrs for other banks*
  • The following banks are not allowed:  Micro-finance Banks, SBM, Unaitas, Jamii Bora, Bank of Baroda, Transnational Bank, Victoria Commercial Bank, Paramount, Consolidated Bank and Dubai bank.
  • Please note EFT and MPESA payments are made every Wednesday.
  • Please note that for EFT Payments will reflect in your bank same day for Barclays  Bank account holders and within 48 hrs for other banks.
  • To be paid via MPESA input your Mobile phone number. Only payment below 50,000 Shillings will be paid via MPESA.
  • Contact vendor support in case you want to change your payment timelines from weekly to monthly or vice versa
  • Vendors with incorrect bank details during the payment cycle will only be paid at the end of the month.

NB: Protect your Seller Center password and monitor all your employees who can access it . Be careful when using cyber cafes and other establishments while using your Seller Center account as Jumia will not be held responsible for monies sent to the wrong account/number.

Return Guidelines

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Dear Valued Vendor,

In an effort to improve our return to vendor process and better our vendor  experience we have made a few tweaks to our return to vendor process.


Types of RTV (Return To Vendor) ;

Direct RTV and Delayed RT

Direct RTV are orders returned due to delivery fails and returns. The vendor is given 7 days to pick up and they must produce their vendor id, if not collected within the 7days of as communicated, the orders are transferred to Msa Rd WH.

Inventory RTV are items that have exceeded 90 days period at the WH. Communication is sent 3 times for the nxt 60days with 2 legal notices. After whichthe items that fail to be picked up get forfeited.


No RTV Rejection policy prevents vendors from rejecting their returns. Instead, if their returns have any issue, they are to Raise a Claim on the spot or within 2hours after collecting and this will be addressed by the Vendor Issue Resolution team. As a result the vendor will be reimbursed depending on the extent of the damage.


Jumia Guarantee

Jumia Guarantee terms & conditions: 90 day coverage on all items worth 1500 KES or more, excluding Fashion, FMCG, Beauty (starting from delivery date) Applies to electronic items with manufacturing defects and items which do not turn on.

The vendor keeps the sale (equivalent payout) biut charged a 2 x commission penalty (at a max of sh 3000) Your products will not be eligible for Jumia Guarantee, if returns for defective/DOA items surpass 10% of your total sales in value If you pass this 10% threshold, we will refund the customer & return the product to you (no Service Centers involved, no rejections allowed)


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Still a few questions after reading our trainings ?

We answered to your most commonly asked questions

Presenting Jumia Express

How can I register to Jumia Express?

You can follow this link and fill the form. Once completed, our team will contact you and explain the next steps.

Is Jumia Express expensive ?

No – on the contrary, the Jumia Express pricing plan is both simple and affordable. Jumia Express aims to optimise your costs, allowing you to outsource and save on personnel expenses, storage and logistics facilities.

If I sell products with Jumia Express, can I still keep on selling via Drop Shipping ?

Yes. Jumia Express is 100% flexible: you can place part of your assortment on Jumia Express, whilst also maintaining additional stock via Drop Shipping.

Is there an insurance for my Jumia Express stock ?

Yes. By storing your products at the Warehouse, we acknowledge their good condition. If you consider they are not in a satisfactory condition at the point of return, we will make payment for the value of the product(s) depending on the damages.

If I join Jumia Express, do I need to provide more stock ?

No. You select how much stock to deliver to the Jumia Express warehouse. We only require that you meet the mandatory minimum threshold so as to avoid out of stock items.

How can I follow my stock on Jumia Express?

As a Jumia Vendor you have accesses to Jumia Seller Center. Inventory related information incl. Stock levels and sales performance is available via this platform.

What do I do when I receive a Jumia Express order?

Absolutely nothing, you don’t even need to confirm the order – Jumia handles the order process from end-to-end.

Do I receive Customer returns ?

No. Jumia will oversee the shipping and return processes, any failed / mis-delivered items will be returned to your inventory in the Jumia Express Warehouse. Only in the case of quality issues with the product, we will seek to return the item to the vendor.

Can I remove my stock from Jumia Express whenever I want ?

Yes, Jumia Express is a 100% flexible service. You can remove your stock at your convenience. Simply raise a return request via Seller Centre. You can expect the process to take up to 7 days.

Do you provide any training ?

Yes. You will have one compulsory onboarding if you are a new vendor.
And training and question sessions are organized everyday, Monday to Friday. You just have to come to our office

How to create a PO

What is a SKU ?

A SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is an identification code that we will use to track your item. A product equals a SKU.
You have to differentiate the Vendor SKU and the product SKU. To create a request to send your products in Jumia Express, you will need to have your product SKU.

What is the treatment time of a Jumia Express ?

We recommend you create the request at least 3 days prior to the date you choose to drop off your products at the Warehouse. This is the time we need to review your request and approve it.

Are all Jumia Express request approved ?

To be approved by our teams, your request will have to respect some rules, and we ask you to put your best products on Jumia Express only. More information on products you should choose here.
We also reserve the right to change the initial quantity of stock on your request to optimize our storage space.

What can I do if my request has been rejected ?

You can raise a claim here. We will make our possible to answer to your claim as fast as possible

Scheduling a drop off

I want to reschedule an existing booking, how can I address that?

You will need to cancel your existing booking via the Inbound Scheduler, and book a new slot via the standard process. Please note that canceling a slot at short notice period (< 24hrs) can attract a penalty fee.

Can I get an email notifications, for my bookings?

Yes, you will receive email notifications by which confirm your inbound slot details. If you want the notification sent to any other email address, you have the option to input this on the booking confirmation page.

I have troubles with the booking of my Inbound Slot

Contact your Vendor Support on vendor.support@jumia.co.ke or by phone on +254 709 726 000(9 am to 6 pm), we will help you book your Inbound Slot.

Inbound Process

How long will Inbound take at the Warehouse ?

The Inbound process is efficient and generally takes between 30- 60 mins. It is crucial that you adhere to the inbound time and date originally agreed. Failure to do so, could result in your shipment being rejected.

Is there a limit for inbounds?

There is no upper limit for Inbound #s stock or number of inbound requests you do. But our inbound team will review all your requests, and reserve the right to reject them if they don’t comply with Jumia Express’ premium offer.

What happens if my product don’t pass the quality check?

Products that don’t pass the quality check will be rejected and won’t be inbounded in our warehouse.
If 30% of the products don’t pass the quality check, the entire inbound shipment will be rejected

Inventory management guidelines

I put my best sellers items on Jumia Express, but they are not sold as I expected. Why ?

Have you considered changing the price of your item and align it with similar products of other sellers ?
Jumia has a lot of vendors, and a lot of competition!
But with the right price, you will be sure to win customer loyalty!
You will find more information to help you price your product here.

I was advised by Jumia to remove some of my products from Jumia Express, why ?

Usually when we ask you to remove your inventory from Jumia Warehouse it’s because
i) we’ve discovered a fault with you item
ii) your item is not-selling as well as expected
It’s important you remove your non-selling inventory from Jumia Express Warehouse to avoid paying excess storage fees
You will find more information here on how to retrieve your products from Jumia Express.

Manage your Jumia Express Stock

What happens if my stock hits 0 ?

If your stock is at 0, it means that all your items have been sold. You might want to replenish this stock, so we invite you to create a new Jumia Express request to be able to reinbound this product at the Warehouse.

How can I increase my stock available on Jumia Express?

If you want to increase your stock available on Jumia Express, you just have to create a new PO request to inbound products at the warehouse. You can go here to see how to create a request for Jumia Express.

Can I decrease my stock available on Jumia Express?

Of course! Jumia Express is totally flexible. You can proceed to a return request on the Seller Center, and it will be treated within 5-7 working days. You can go here if you don’t know how to create a return request for Jumia Express.

Pricing your Jumia Express Products

I changed the price on the Seller Center, but the old price is still displayed on the website. Why?

The price will be automatically changed on the website, it just needs a little time to take effect

What is the recommended price on the Seller Center?

We elaborated an algorithm which reviews all prices on our website, looks for similar products and compares prices. The algorithm suggests a price which is the optimal price for your product – you may choose whether to use this price.
This tool is called “Seller Coach”!

I was advised by Jumia’s commercial team to reprice my products – should I do it ?

Our commercial teams always keep an eye on your sales and stock. We want to help you to have the best seller score, and help you increase your business performance!
In order to do so, our teams could recommend that you reprice your products or participate in a campaign push

If you feel you could use reinforced training, you can come at our office at kaka house , Westlands, there is training everyday. Mondays & Fridays 10:30 am, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 2:30pm.

Removing your products from Jumia Express

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Want to retrieve your products from Jumia Express ?

Possible, and simple!

To remove your items from Jumia Express, you’ll have to

1. Create a Return request, and

2. Schedule a pick up date at our warehouse.

To remove your products,

Go on your Seller Center > Products > Jumia Express

Go in the category “Return from Warehouse” (1) and then “Create new request” (2)

Here you can follow all your return requests.

    • Draft: Draft of un-submitted requests
    • Submitted: Requests already submitted, pending review and approval by Jumia
    • Accepted: Accepted Return Requests – you’ll be contacted shortly to confirm collection slot
    • Received: Items already retrieved from Warehouse (Received / partially received)
    • Cancelled: Return request has been cancelled by you or by our warehouse team. 
    • Rejected: Return request has been reviewed and rejected by Jumia.

How do you know when your Return request has been reviewed and accepted?

  • Once your request has been accepted by Jumia, you will be contacted to confirm a final pickup date and time.
  • To retrieve your items, simply ensure you arrive at the Warehouse at the pre-determined slot with your RS number and receive your items.
  • Please note that if you arrive late we cannot guarantee that Jumia can process the return and you may  have to reschedule.
  • Once you’ve received your items,  you should check you items to ensure all is in order. In case of any issues we advise that you accept your items and raise a claim via Seller Centre
  • For more information on our warehouse, see next slide

Careful, depending on where you inbounded your items, you will have to come at the same place to have them back.



Location: Mombasa Road

Address:  Sandton Park, Enterprise Road C

Mon-Fri 9:00 A.M – 5.00P.M

SAT 9:00 A.M – 2:30 P.M

  1. If your return request has been rejected, in most of the cases it is because the products have already been sold on the website between the moment you raised the request and the moment we treated it.In case of further issue,  you can raise a claim here or on the Seller Center (see below)

2. If the stock you have back at the warehouse is not as you expected, (damaged packaging, missing items), please collect your items and raise a claim here. We will investigate the issue and resolve directly.

Managing your Jumia Express Account

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You sent your products in Jumia Express  ?

This training should help you manage your Jumia Express products!

Section 1: Inventory Management Guidelines

Jumia Express is ideal for your best selling products and will turbo-change your sales

However you must ensure you:

 Inbound your top-selling products.

 Provide sufficient stock for 30 days (Non-Fashion Items) / 60 days (Fashion Items)

 Inbound only high quality items.

 Ensure your pricing is competitive.


Your customers will love popular products, delivered at speed with premium packaging and express shipping, this is a key factor in becoming a top vendor and increase your sales.

We might reject your PO request too if we think your product doesn’t meet Jumia Express requirements for “top-selling” items.

Our seller service might also contact you and advise you on the right price and products to put on Jumia Express.

Section 2: Managing your stock

Now that you’ve joined Jumia Express, you can manage your online boutique directly on the Seller Center. We explain you how to do it here.

If you want to have a full overview of your stock, Jumia Express and regular Dropshipping, you need to return to the main product dashboard:

It is also on this page that you can:

Section 3: Pricing your products

To improve your business performance, differentiate from other sellers.

How can you differentiate?

With a higher seller score: customers trust you more than the others sellers. Seller score reflects the quality, reliability (low cancellation rate) and speed (shipment in less than 48 hours) of your shop online. With Jumia Express, we can help you with the two last points!

With a good product rating after each order, customers will be asked to rate the product. Generally customer selection between two similarly priced products is determined by the product rating.

Price has a huge impact on the decision of a customer to buy any single product.It is very important that your product has the good price if you want to benefit from an increase in your sales!


You can directly change the prices of your products on Seller

Centre! We explain how to do it here!

Section 4: Tracking your performance

We’ve developed some tools to help you follow your performance as easily as your offline boutique !

On the main page of the Seller Center, you can find a global overview of your performance and seller score – it collates information from both Jumia Express and Dropshipping:

Once your first PO is inbounded, you will also receive an automated weekly update via email of your stocks at the warehouse



This report will give you an exact snapshot of what is going on with the stock you put on Jumia Express.

You can have an overview per PO and per product SKU.

We also explain you the different columns here.

If something seems wrong in this report and with your stock, do not hesitate to contact our seller service or to raise a claim here.