Dear Valued Partner,

To reward vendors who consistently ship high quality products and ensure an ever-improving vendor experience, we will be introducing a service that allows vendors to ship their packages at a self drop off booth in our controlled hubs.

This new service is effective Wednesday, 7th August 2019.

Main benefit of Self Drop off is;

  • Drop-off experience will be easy and faster!

To be eligible for self drop off;

  • Your Quality Score (visible in “My Rating” section on the homepage of Seller Center account) is at 100%, which means no return and no rejection on your products by customers for quality reasons.

  •  Your sales remain above 30 items every month.

Please note that at the beginning of each month, we will review and inform you of your eligibility status via SMS.
Keep in mind that to remain eligible to this privileged process, you will need to ensure that the quality of your products stays at its best and that you are getting enough sales for “self-drop-off” to be relevant.

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  • To protect your products, you will be required to use the hologram (as shown in the image) on every shipped package. This is a unique code that is considered invalid once the package is opened.

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  • Please record every hologram placed on your packages in case of any reconciliation disputes

  • Vendors who drop-off orders on behalf of others will only be allowed to ship till 12.00 PM

Jumia support personnel will be available at all the self drop off booths to provide assistance where needed. Please note, this is an optional service, which means you can still ship packages with a drop off agent.
For more information on this new feature, click here for a detailed step-by-step presentation to know how it works.