1. What is the validation process for new product creation?

Before putting your products online, we check their content and images to ensure they comply with our guidelines.


  1. How do you check the status of your new products submitted for creation?

A/ To know if a product has been validated, go in your Seller Center Account and click on: “Products” → “Manage Products”.


Then please check that all your products submitted appear on this page.


B/ In case of rejection, your product is flagged with an X or a small triangle in the column “Visible“.

C/ If the Quality Control (QC) has rejected one or several of your product, click on Rejected ” to find out the reason for the rejection.


In the column “Rejected reasons”, you can find all the reasons explaining why your products are not accepted by our content validation team. 


D/ Go to “Edit” then “Edit details” to correct the product details.




  1. Main rejected reasons.

You will find below the different rejection reasons, please read them carefully to ensure your products are approved:


– Macaroon prohibited on the image (Price – Logo – Contacts…)

– Image not in accordance with the instructions

– Not enough technical details

– Fuzzy image

– Duplicate product

– Product with a low Content Score

– Unauthorized price

– Create a new product sheet

– Non-compliant description

– Formatting of the product description not respected

– No description

– Brand inserted twice in the title

– No image

– Non-compliant brand

– Product/Counterfeit brand

– Creation of several variations (colors/dimensions/packs) in the same product sheet

– Wrong category

– Please create all sizes in the same product sheet

– Please respect the weight in Kg

– Please translate the description into English

– Unauthorized item