Impact of your Seller Score to your customer traffic

Having enhanced our commercial and operational tools, here are new exciting changes:

  • Daily Order Limit (DOL) and Pending Order Limit (PSOL) are no longer applied
  • Return penalties will no longer be applied. There will only be financial penalties for very serious compliance & legal issues (e.g. counterfeits, fakes & prohibited products).

Your Seller Score is now calculated to make sure it accurately reflects the quality of your operations, focusing exclusively on your cancellation rate & your return rate for quality reasons.

The best vendors – with a Seller Score of 5 out of 5 – is rewarded with the most valuable currency there is on Jumiaincreased traffic. The higher your Seller Score, the more traffic your products will receive (the reverse logic will apply to vendors with a Seller Score lower than 3 out of 5).

In case of poor operations – identified by a Seller Score lower than 3 – we will ask you to contribute further to our cost of operations (proportionally to your current commission on Jumia) instead of charging you for each breach. This is to compensate for Jumia‘s need to step in each time you don’t fully deliver on your customer promise. See below table:

Serious compliance issues will lead to tougher sanctions. This is key in order to protect our customers and build trust between them and our vendors. See below penalties:

Seller Score pillars

  • The “Cancellation rate” indicates the reliability of your store. This is the  percentage  of orders you have canceled in the last 4 weeks against the number of all shipment types (Dropshipping and Jumia Express) in the same period  starting 1 week before the calculation date.
  • The “Return rate” is the percentage of items that have been returned by customers in the last 4 weeks and are all “vendor fault reasons” for the return – against the number of delivered orders in the same period  starting 1 week before the calculation date.   Eg; Defective Items, Quality Issues etc NB: Returns that are not “vendor fault reasons” like “change of mind” do not impact your seller score.

How do I interpret and improve my Score

Your score is very important for your consumers because  they value it before buying your products. Aim for a score of 5 to be among the best Jumia sellers . The contribution of the seller score is as below:


  1. Improve your “Cancellation rate” by updating your stock every day so that you no longer have to cancel orders for out of stock.

2.  Improve your “Return Rate” by ensuring that only authentic, new and high-quality branded products are stocked.


Please note, all Seller Score thresholds – triggering positive or negative changes for your shop – above mentioned may vary in the future.