The Shipping Cost Contribution fee is a mandatory fee for each order which will be successfully delivered to the customer.

1. Know how the Shipping Cost Contribution fee is calculated

The processing fee is calculated on an order level regardless the number of items on the order.


If you have a fashion store on JUMIA, and you have 2 orders that you will ship:

  • Order A contains 1 jacket
  • Order B contains 1 jacket, 1 pair of Jeans, 3 pairs on socks, and a T-shirt.

Both orders will be charged exactly the same processing fee amount.

2. How will much will I pay for the Shipping Cost Contribution fee?

The processing fee is divided into 5 tiers as shown below:

  1. Fashion Products
  2. FMCG and Selected Baby & Beauty
  3. Smalls sized products
  4. Medium sized products
  5. Large sized products

Depending on your item size and operations module, you will be charged the processing fee as per below table:

  1. Drop-shipping – Click HERE
  2. Jumia Express – Click HERE

  • If your order contains 3 Fashion items that are stored at your shop, you will pay 50 Shillings on the order as a whole.
  • While you will only have to pay 25 shillings for the same order if it is stored at the Jumia warehouse.
  • As we agreed you are charged per order level and not item level, so if the order consists of both; 1 small sized item and 1 fashion item, you will be charged the higher cost.

If you don’t know which tier your products falls under, all you have to do is visit this page

Select the main category, then subcategory 1, subcategory 2 etc.…. of your product.

It will then show you which tier your products fall under, then you can know how much processing fee you will be charged.

3. When and how is it applied?

Good news! The Shipping Cost Contribution fee is applied only and when your order is successfully delivered to your customer.

It will be deducted from your weekly account statement as Shipping Cost Contribution Fees, you can find it’s under the Orders section at the top, in the Fees drop down menu.