In order to make more money and get more customers, it is very important that buyers/customers/users are able to find your store and your products on Jumia. 

What do you need to be a successful Jumia Seller? 


Here are some tips to help you increase your revenue:


  • Having a clear and descriptive product title and meta description is key to help search engines rank your product in the search results pages (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). 

  • For people searching on Jumia, it is super important for you to provide a very detailed description to help them find your product and understand what your product is about.

How to create a detailed description:

  • Choose the right words that describe your product (color, brand, special features, name)

  • Detailed Description (what is the product made of? what materials are used? Is the product embellished? What features does it have?)

  • Clear Images of the product

 Use Relevant Keywords

Most importantly, for every product listing that you have, you should ask yourself: 

“what keywords are people most likely to use when they want to find that particular product?” Gather 3-5 of those keywords and make sure you use them in your Title, Description and Content.


Name your Products Properly

We have developed special naming conventions that will guide you in creating superb names for your products. For example: A Fashion Product should have a naming structure like: 

Brand name: Nike

Specific feature: ‘Peep-toe’

Generic name/feature: Slippers

Other feature (Colour): Pink


OutputNike Peep-Toe Slippers – Pink


Description – Put Special Effort into it

Your product description is very important to search engines and buyers/customers/users. This should be an in-depth explanation of your product. It would also be best to add as much information from a specification point of view too.


 A few tips to consider when creating a great product description:


Create Good Content:  Your product description should accurately describe your product to your customers. Ideally, you should have at least 150 Words in your product description (The more detailed your description, the better). Since you must have plenty of knowledge of the product you are selling, be sure you use relevant words (keywords), appropriately in the description. The more unique and accurate, the better it is. Try as much to avoid copying descriptions from other sites – Copying product descriptions from other sites is very bad for your products’ organic visibility in search engines.


Avoid Keyword Overuse: Do not overuse a keyword or repeat a word needlessly  in your description. Try to describe your product appropriately like you would do if you were telling it to them in person.


Name your images: If you are listing a phone, for example: Infinix Zero 2, make sure the image you will be uploading is named accordingly.


Good Description Page:



Bad Description Page – This product description is just an image. Search Bots do not understand or read images well. It’s better to have a text description with some images to show the product.


Why do you need a Good Description Page?

Seems like so much work? Why should you put in effort for this? 


There are very obvious advantages to having a detailed product description:

  • Free Traffic from Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. This leads to more orders 
  • Better Rank in internal search (Jumia). When you have a detailed description, your products have a higher possibility of being the first products seen by the customer.

  • A better description tells your prospective customers about your product without your presence needed. 

  • More Sales!