1. Recommendations

Please ensure that your PO is compliant before submitting your request to Jumia:

– Minimum Jumia Express Inventory Level of 5 items per product, to reduce stock-out occurrence  

– No fresh (perishable) food or plant items

– Fragile / breakable items will not be accepted

– Grocery Items must be at least 6 months from Date of Expiry

– Ensure to place your top-selling products on Jumia Express. Jumia reserves the right to reject items which do not have a positive sales history.



  1. Selecting the right products

Optimize your PO acceptance rate and select your best products. 

– If you already sell your products on Jumia, you can easily check your Best Selling products.

If you are a new vendor wishing to join Jumia Express, and have no products on the Seller Center:

To select your top product, base your choice on such criteria as: 

– Good offline sales history

– Limited competition

– Flexible margins

By choosing this category of products, you will ensure an optimal PO acceptance rate by our team, and a strong business performance on Jumia.