1. How does it work?

Once your PO has been accepted by Jumia’s Commercial Team, you are ready to dispatch your items to our warehouse.

The process is simple:

– Go on you Seller Center to find your PO. If you are unsure as how to get this PO, we explain everything here.

– Book you Inbound Slot via the Inbound Scheduling Tool (see below how to use it).

– Ensure you items are prepared according to the inbound guidelines (see here) , then deliver your shipment to the Jumia Warehouse at the pre-agreed time.

– The Jumia Warehouse Team will carry out a brief quality check and subsequently inbound your items. 

WARNING: Please note that if you fail to arrive at your specified time & date slot, your items may be rejected.



  1. How to Book an Inbound Slot?

You’ll need 

– PO Number (confirmed at point of PO Acceptance) 

– Jumia registered email address

Navigate to the Inbound Scheduler Link

Enter PO number and email address and run the search


The tool will automatically provide the PO details and the next available slot, based on the capacity you intend to inbound.

You can choose the most convenient slot for your inbound.