1. What are the Account Statements?

Your account statement lets you track your revenues, your sales balance, and your fees. You can see all the transactions in details and even download all the documents in order to use them for your accounting.

Find your Account Statements in the Seller Center: Reports Account Statements



  1. Get an overview of your Sales balance.


Due and unpaid: on this section you can see the amount ready to be transferred to your bank account.

Open Statement: it shows the current payout (period of 2 weeks).

My Dashboard: here you can see the number of your items in delivery and their specific status.

Paid in the last 3 months: it shows the payout of the last 3 months.


  1. Download and read your account statement.

A) First, select a range data in the left column.

B) On the right column, you will find your balance for the selected period, and the detail of the amount transferred to you.

Got at the bottom of this table and click on “Sales Report”.

C) Open your Sales Report in Excel. You have access to every information about your sales at item level. This detailed view allows you to check if the money you receive corresponds to the sales you made.