1. In which situation can you raise a claim for returns?

Your items can be rejected during the Quality Check, and/or can returned from the customers because they rejected it or the delivery failed. 

Following those cases, your items enter in the process known as “Return to vendor”.

In some cases (damaged item, wrong item, wrong model, damaged manufacturers package…), you can disagree with the reason of the return and therefore raise a claim.

The claim has to be submitted within 2 business days after receiving the Return-to-vendor package.

Here are the different steps to follow:


  1. How do you raise a claim?

A) Connect to your Seller Center account, and click on “Raise a claim”.

B) Fill the claim form, describing your return issue. 

In Claim types, enter “Returns” and select the reason for your return claim.

C) Finally, attach the image taken at the hub to justify your claim on the return, and submit your claim.


  1. Once you raised your claim, what happens?

Our seller support team will review your claim and decides if it is valid or not.

A) If your claim is valid.

– The refund will be made within 14 business days.

– You will be asked to keep the item.

B) If your claim is invalid.

– No refund.

You will be asked to keep the item.


  1. Main guidelines.

– Raise a claim between 1 to 5 business days from the day the returned item/package is picked up at the hub.

– Any claims raised after 5 business days will be dismissed.

– Ensure attach supporting documents to your claim.

– All rejected packages must not be left at the hub.

– All claims will be reviewed within 1-2 business days.

– Any package left at the hub will be automatically forfeited.

– Raising a false claim will affect the eligibility of future claims