Now that you’ve joined Jumia Express, you will need to create your first Delivery Request (PO) to start selling products – see  the following pages which offer a full explanation.


  1. Creating a PO




  1. Follow up on your PO request.

A/ Once your PO has been submitted, our teams will review it and approve it. 

In the meantime, if you go in “Sent to Warehouse” in Jumia Express category, you will find your request with the status “submitted”.

Please note: we reserve the right to reject your request, if it doesn’t comply with our warehouse’s inbounding rules.


B/ In this “Send to Warehouse”, you can also navigate in the different status of your requests:


– Draft: you created the PO request, but did not submit it to our team yet. You have to submit or it won’t be processed.

– Submitted: request has been processed and waiting for our team’s approval

– Approval needed

– Accepted: you can now go at the Warehouse on the date agreed with our team and drop off your products 

– Received: after the inbound process and quality check at the Warehouse, your PO will have the “received” status

– Cancelled: PO request has been cancelled by you or by the Warehouse 

– Rejected: PO request has been rejected by our team – to avoid this, see recommendations for your PO below


C/ Your PO has been accepted by our team?