1. How do you know that you get new orders to deliver?

You will receive a notification on your email to show you that you have received an order. 

Connect to your Seller Center account, and click on: Orders → Manage orders

All your new orders will be in the section pending

2. How do you process an order?

First, select the order or orders you want to process, define its status on “Set status on ready to ship” and click on “Go”.  or just click on ready to ship.

Click on create package and next to chose where you want to drop off your orders.  This is currently locked to one drop off location.

Input your serial/IMEI number if selling electronics .Its compulsory for Mobile phones and Laptops. Please be careful when inputting this numbers ,once you click on next you cant edit the serial numbers. Click on save serial numbers and  next.

Input invoice number if you have an invoicing system ,Otherwise click on save invoice number and next.

Click on ready to ship to move the order to ready to ship.

Click on ready to ship tab. Select the orders you want to print documents for and select print documents for selected items. Then click on goto print documents.

3. Next steps


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