Penalty Scheme

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Lesson Objectives

How to

Important Notes

Lesson Objectives

By the end of this lesson you should be able to:

  1. Understand the additional charges that you may be charged, if you affect the customer experience in a negative way.
  2. Understand the additional charges that you will be charged if you breach the contract.

How to:

We have already covered the mandatory fees that are applied in the previous 2 lessons.

Now we will talk more about the additional charges that will be charged only if you affect the customer experience in a negative way.

Additional Charges if you affect the customer experience in a negative way

  • Order cancellation
  • Fake items
  • Returns

Order cancellation

These are only applied if you cancel the order because you are unable to fulfill it or JUMIA cancel it due to late fulfillment from your end, as the cancellation will cause negative customer experience which is normally handled by providing the customer with a compensation voucher to make sure such customer comes back to stay a loyal customer to your Marketplace and to Jumia, So when the order is cancelled an additional fee with be applied as shown below  :

Out of Stock (OOS)
If you cancel an order you cannot ship… Penalty (KES)
The same day 1.5x commission, min 375, max 750
The next day (D+1) 2x commission, min 500, max 1000
2 days later (D+2) 2x commission, min 500, max 1000
3 or more days later (for exceptional cases) 3x commission, min 750, max 1500


Jumia guarantees this for your customers through the returns process, where the customer is eligible to return a product within 14 days after receiving the product.  All returned items will undergo a quality check by our specialized after sales team, if the customer returned your item because you shipped the wrong item or wrong size, then you will be charged a customer compensation charge.

Not to worry, if there was a misuse from the customer’s end, the item will be shipped back to the customer (Example: The customer bought a phone, broke the seal and returned it because he simply didn’t fancy the maximum sound of the phone)

 To deep dive into the returns policy, know how jumia guarantees your return rights, and know more about the charges Click here. 

Returns Compensation – Vendor Related Reasons*  
Customer Compensation (KES)  
3x commission, min 500, max 5000  
Vendor Related Reasons* – Wrong item (item different than the website: different color, size, brand, other characteristics), Item is incomplete (has missing parts), Item is defective (tech issue), Item does not turn on (DOA-dead on arrival), Item is expired  

Important Notes

Ensure to learn all about the charges and penalties amounts that could be applied to your account in case of “Cancellation, wrong products, Return and QC” through this link.

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