1. What are penalties?

– As a Jumia vendor, you agreed with the attached Terms and Conditions to have the right to sell on Jumia. If you don’t respect them, Jumia may apply a penalty to your account.

– The objective of penalties is two-fold:

Protect customers from receiving wrong items and being unsatisfied.

Protect you from losing sales and potential customers.


  1. How do penalties work?

– How to pay?

You don’t have to pay cash a penalty, fees will be directly retained on your Seller Center Account.

– Why do you pay?

Quality Check fail penalty – applied when the product fails the Quality Check at the drop-off hub.

Return penalty – applied when a customer returns back an item for a quality reason.

Out of Stock (OOS) penalty – applied when OOS happened.

Counterfeit – applied when you sell counterfeit products on Jumia.


  1. How much do you pay?

Quality Check fail penalty


Counterfeit penalty:

Fake items will be removed and you incur a penalty of 20,000 KES.

If we notice through the product page that the item is fake, then your product is removed and the penalty is 20,000 KES