1. What is Quality Check (QC)?

The QC happens when you drop your package at a Vendor Drop-Off station. A Jumia agent will check 2 elements:

  2. The objective of the QC is two-fold:

  • The packaging of your product.
  • The conformity of your product with its Jumia detail page.
  • Protect consumers from receiving wrong/damaged/used items and being unsatisfied.
  • Protect you from getting customers returns, decreasing your Seller Score and losing customers.

3. The package of your product.


4. At our vendor drop off location, a Jumia agent will check if your item matches the information you mentioned on its Jumia product page.

  • Brand 
  • Colour 
  • Size
  • Design

Other Specifications (Weight / Height / Etc.)


5. What do you risk if your QC fails?

Your item might fail Quality Check for the following reasons:

  • Your Item and/or its packaging is Defective.
  • Your Item is Different from the one you listed on Seller Center.
  • Your Item is a Counterfeit.
  • Your Item is a Second-Hand Item.
  • Your Item has not a readable reference.

If one of your items fails Quality Check, you will be charged penalty for poor quality products worth:

  1. SH 1000 if it gets rejected at the hub
  2. SH 20,000 if its a counterfeit product