1. Which products can you create with this method?

To create many products at once, nothing is better than our massive import templates. They will let you use an excel file to create as many products as you want. Follow our step by step guide to learn how to do it.

2. Where do you find those templates?

A/ Connect to your Seller Center. Click on: Products → Import products.

B/ Click on the template of the category of products you want to create.

C/ Then scroll down to the section “Exports” and download the template you selected.

The template when downloaded is on a Microsoft Excel (.xslx) Sheet and you can add as many products/sizes as you want but keep in mind that the upload template should only have not more than 3000 products for better processing on Seller Center.


3. How to master the Mass Product Creation Template.

A/ Tab 1 “Introduction” has information about the use of the template. Follow those instructions to be sure that your file will be accepted by our teams.


B/ Tab 2 “Upload template” is the ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED SHEET. 

– For each product you want to create, please fill up every column with the same structure and indication as if you were filling up attributes while creating products manually on Seller Center.

– On some columns on the template you can only input information already approved, active and visible on the system. Therefore, information required is subject to category selected as in the screenshot below.


C/ Main information


Product Name*: Basically Product Name PLUS Model (Where Applicable) PLUS Colour.

Brand*: Remember that if a brand is not on Seller Center you won’t be able to select the brand. On Tab “Brands”, you will find all brands created/active/visible in Seller Center, please look for your brand there. If the brand is not created, please fill this Brand Request Form.

Product Description*: Has to be written in plain text.

Short Description/Highlights*: Must be written in bullet points.


D/ Categorization


– Go to the Tab “Categories” and you will find all the main categories and sub-categories for that template. Remember, Seller Center templates are by category, so you would not find a sports category on electronics template.

– Look for the category of your product by selecting the category desired from the drop down or copy the cell and then paste it on the template.


E/ Product pricing


They are the same format as on Seller Center:

Price*: Normal Price.

Sale Price: Price With Discount

Sale Date: Start Date and End Date of the discount, it MUST be in an YYYY–MM–DD HR:MIN:SEC format.


F/ Variation


Seller SKU*: For your own reference, please remember all restrictions on SKUs: One Seller Sku per product

Parent SKU: Used ONLY in Fashion; Apparel and in Shoes. Parent SKU links a group of Seller SKU’s with the same model but different sizes. The parent SKU can only link different sizes not different colors. The smallest size Seller SKU is the Parent SKU, so we advise you to create all the size together even if you do not have stock in some, that way they will appear in the same publication.

Variation*: is used to identify the size of the Seller Sku. Variations are all possible sizes that a SKU can have. We advise you to put all sizes according to your actual assortment because that way customers can make better purchases.

Product Id: Can be a UPC, EAN or ISBN. (Use only when applicable)

Quantity*: Stock per Seller Sku


G/ Product specifications


Product Line: Product Line is the Seller Name

Color Family: Refers to the family of the color of the product. There is a drop down selection for this field.

Material Family: Refers to the family of the main material of the product. There is a drop down for this field.

Main Material: Refers to the most dominant material of the product eg Rubber, Cotton, Lycra, Plastic, Silicon etc


H/ Product description


SEO Index: Index

NAFDAC No: Where Applicable (Health & Beauty, Groceries)

Youtube Id: Please Add your Youtube Video ID here e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htlgaXRAe2k ID is: htlgaXRAe2k

Description:  The product description should give the customer useful information about the product to ensure a purchase.

Short Description: Provide short major highlights of the product, to make the purchase decision for the customer easier. Always in bullet points.

Package Content: Short summary/list of the package content, which the customer gets.

Note: Possibility to enter some comments or additional information about the product


I/ Measurements


Product Measures: Measurement of the product; Dimensions (Length x Width x Height in cm)

Product Weight: Weight of the product. The unit for measuring should be specifically in Kilograms (If weight is in Grams convert in Kilograms). Enter only numeric value of weight. eg if product is 1KG, enter as 1, if product is less than 1KG, say 100g, enter as 0.1


J/ Additional product attributes


Product Warranty: Provide the warranty validity period eg. 1 Year, N/A (When No Warranty). Most applicable to General Merchandise products

Warranty Type: Service Center, Repair by Vendor, Replacement By Vendor. Drop down available for this field. Only applicable when Product Warranty is filled

Warranty Address:  Enter the Service Centre Address. Only applicable when Product Warranty & Warranty Address is filled

Certifications: Select different certifications that the product owns, or with which certifications the product was marked.  Where Applicable. Drop down available for this field

Production Country: Where the product was made/produced/manufactured


K/ Text manufacturers


Manufacturer Text: Possibility to add some information from the manufacturer about the product. Only where applicable

Care Label: Enter information about the care of the product, provided by the manufacturer. Only where applicable.


L/ Images


– In the template, contrary to creating manually on Seller Center, all images must be on their URL address, but besides that, all the other features must remain.

– If you do not have your pictures in URL’s, you can upload and generate URL’s for them by using this link: http://postimage.org/


M/ Save the file


– Remember that Seller Center only accepts .csv & .xlsx file formats

  1. Finalize the massive import.

A/ Once you have your .xslx or .csv file, go to “Product” and then click on “Import Products”.


B/ After that, click on “Upload your file”. In “Import Mode”, select “Create new products” and browse for your .csv (.xlsx) file, click on “Open” and then on “Upload File”.


C/ When there is no immediate problem/issue on the upload, there will appear a green message telling you about the success of the upload.

D/ If the upload is not successful, a blue message will appear at the top, to see the error you could wait to have the full report or you could see the preview. Click on “Show Preview”


  1. Common error examples.

Date Format: Remember it should be YYYY–MM–DD HR:MIN:SEC

Field Names: All fields on the template cannot change and are case sensitive. For example, Brand should stay as “Brand” It cannot change to “Brand1” or even “Brands“

– Uploading an unsupported file format (not .csv or .xslx)