Are you ready for black Friday?  Do you have enough stocks to last you the whole event?  Do you have the best prices? Stand a chance to win 5 months rent from Jumia by being the most prepared vendor for  Black Friday.

How do you this?

Refer a minimum of 15 vendors with a minimum of 15 SKUs each

Introduce new vendors to sell on Jumia to stand a chance to win 5 months rent.

Add 50 New SKU

Have the widest assortment of products. More products translates into more sales. Assortment gives choice to customers and increases the chances of selling. For instance vendors with 20 SKUs or more have more than 85% chance of selling more than  10 orders in a week.

Get more than 50 orders in a month.

Increase your assortment , maintain a good seller score of above 5, use sponsored products and have the best prices to increase your chances of selling. Sell more than 50 orders a month to stand a chance of winning 5 months worth of rent.

Have a seller score of 5 

A good seller score shows how reliable a vendor is. This increase the conversion rate of your products making you sell more. Your Seller Score is directly impacted by Fulfillment Speed, Quality of products and Cancellation Rate.
Improve these 3 components and be on your way to more sales during Black Fridays 2018.

Tips on how to improve your Seller Score:

  1. Prepare and ship your orders in less than 24 hours
  2. Keep your stock levels updated, you don’t want to have products run Out of Stock
  3. Offer good quality and well packaged products.

Get prepared and win the rent.

Terms and conditions.

  • Promotion is valid from 1st Oct 2018  to 30th Nov 2018 across all categories. .
  • Prize will be awarded after the end date of the program period.
  • Jumia reserves the right to determine the winners and to withdraw or modify the promotion without any prior notice.