Sell on Jumia

What is it to sell on Jumia?

On Jumia you can create your own shop online and start to sell your products across Kenya thanks to our marketing and logistic expertise.

What are the products I can sell on Jumia?

You can sell products among the following categories: Phones and Tablets, Fashion products, Home and Office, Computing, Cameras, Electronics, Watches, Sunglasses, Baby and kids products, Toys, Health and Beauty, Automobile, Sport and Fitness, Games and Consoles, Service Deals, Books, Movies and Music, Weddings, Groceries and many more.

What are the products I cannot sell on Jumia?

Jumia as we endeavor to improve our products and content guidelines on the site. The following are the list of items that are banned from selling on Jumia.

What are the information requested to create a shop on Jumia?

To register as a seller, you need to give the following information:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Bank account details

How to list my products and start to sell them?

To start to sell your products, you can use our Seller Center platform. The process will be slightly different depending on whether or not your product already exists on Jumia.

If your product(s) already exist(s) in the Jumia catalog:

You can easily add these products to your catalog one by one via our Seller Center platform. You have to add the name, the price and the quantity of the product. You can as well use a file upload to add many products at once to your catalog. Please note that in order to use these tools you will have to know the ISBN, EAN, UPC or RSIN code of the products.

If your product(s) don’t/doesn’t exist in the Jumia catalog:

You can create new offers one by one or massively with file upload via our Seller Center platform. To create new offers you will need the following information:

  • EAN or UPC.
  • Name of the product.
  • Detailed description of the product and specifications.
  • High quality pictures of the product.
  • Price.
  • Available Stock.

Find the tutorials about product creation here.

How to manage my orders?

You can fulfill your orders directly from the Seller Center platform.

You will find tutorials to guide you through order management here.


What are the commissions on Jumia ?

As a basic vendor, you will only pay the commissions on each item you sell. The commission depends on the category of your item. The commissions can be found in the Seller Center. You can choose to become a Premium vendor and subscribe to Value Added Services to reach more customers and improve your logistics. We currently offer different services that can be found here.

When do I have to pay for commissions and services ?

The commissions will be deducted from your payment, which occurs on a weekly basis or monthly basis depending on your payment cycle. The Value Added Services fees will be deducted from your payment on a weekly basis or monthly basis depending on your payment cycle.

How am I getting paid?

You will be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) or Cheque on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your payment cycle. Payments are made by the 6th working day of the following month if you fall under monthly payout or on the 3rd working day of the following week if you fall under the weekly payout.

Can the customers give ratings and comments? And why are these important?

Yes the customers give detailed comments and ratings. These are very important for your sales on Jumia. This is the best way for the customers to know that you are a reliable vendor. The customers look at the ratings of the product before buying it in most cases. The customers will be more willing to buy a product with good ratings. The ratings of your products are one of the most used criteria to evaluate your performance as a vendor on Jumia.


Services for sellers

What is Jumia Express?

Jumia Express is a value added services for the vendors that will boost the visibility of your products and ease the fulfillment of your orders.

With Jumia Express, you sell more with less efforts:

  1. You store your products in our warehouse: you save warehousing costs and operational costs. We guarantee you a very competitive storage cost and save you time and money.
  2. Your products are seen first by the customers: every Jumia Express products are tagged and boosted at the top of catalog pages and product pages.
  3. We deliver your products fast to the customers: the products will be delivered faster because we have them in our warehouse. It will make your customers happy, and they will come back to shop your items.

Find more details about Jumia Express here.

You can subscribe to this service by sending an email to

What is pick-up by Jumia?

Pick-up by Jumia is a dedicated service for the vendors that allows you to fulfill your orders without having to bring or send your products to us. We come to your shop, and take care of the whole transport.

Pick up by Jumia lets you avoid all the operational struggle so you can focus on your core business. Thanks to this service, you ensure that your orders are delivered in time to your customers. Happy customers who received their items on time will come back to buy from your shop and increase your sales.

Find more details on this service here.

You can subscribe to this service by sending an email to

How can I subscribe to the services by Jumia?

To subscribe to our services you can send an email to or call Lena at +254 709 726 000.

Can I cancel my value added services?

You can cancel your Value Added Services whenever you want it. Contact us by sending an email to or Call Lena at +254 709 726 000