Are you wondering what products to source for ? Tired of the importation nightmare and follow up ? Worry no more , Jumia has the solution for you – Jumia Bulk


 What is Jumia Bulk?

Jumia has identified a trusted group of overseas sellers, who can provide you with the best selling products at great prices. But it doesn’t stop there. We will handle all customs and clearing on your behalf! You do not have to chase clearing agents, we take care of it all. Sounds great, right?

How do I access Jumia Bulk?

This is an exclusive service to Jumia vendors . It’s quite easy .  Click here to access the Jumia bulk page. Place your order , make payments(all clearance and sit relax as we do the rest. You will get your products within 15-21 days from the order date. Use the sell your button to replicate the products and start selling them on Jumia. 


What the are the benefits of Jumia Bulk?


  • The products are carefully selected based on past sales – products that were best sellers and most searched by customers

  • Jumia handles all the customs clearance process for you. Avoid the hustle and the delays.

  • We have negotiated the best  whole prices for you , to enable you to make a good margin from your sale

  • You dont have to worry about Minimum order quantities. You can even purchase 1 item for some of the products.

  • Creating content is easy – you just need to use the sell yours method to replicate the products.