1. Add your Bank/Mpesa Information

– Your bank/Mpesa details are mandatory for us to be able to transfer your money

– You need to add them in Vendor Center: Settings > Your profile > Payment Information

– All following details are required:

For Payments through,MPESA the below will be compulsory;

Mpesa registered name – Should match registered name by your provider i.e Safaricom

Mpesa phone number – Should be under the registered name above. The format should be 07XXXXXXXX (10 digits)


To get the Stamped Mpesa statement follow this process

Dial <*334#> My accounts→ Mpesa Statement → Request Statemen → Enter your Email address.

You will receive the document via your email from Safaricom. Please screenshot only the below image and update it on the link https://bit.ly/489bCqp

The Statement can be for the last 1 year.


Please provide a Bank Document indicating that the bank details listed on your Vendor Center account correspond to either you (individual) or your business (company).

You can also provide

  1. A stamped bank letter
  2. A Bank statement header clearly indicating the bank details
  3. A cheque slip with the account details

Refer to the image below for guidance.

1. Stamped Bank Letter

2. A Bank statement header clearly indicating the bank details

3. Cheque Slip image

Below Step by Step guide on how to upload the Bank Document

Step 1

Step 2

Ensure to “Save” once done.

For Payments through EFT, the below is mandatory;

Account Name – This should be under the name of the shop owner ie. company or individual.

Account Number – Should be aligned to avoid bounce backs

Bank – Name of the Bank

Bank Code – Should be the correct bank code

Branch – Should be the correct branch name

NB/In line with building trust with our new vendors. We adjusted our payment terms to monthly payouts for new vendors and inactive vendors for a probation period of 2 months. After the 2 months probation period; vendors will be adjusted to weekly payouts as per the standard operating process after the probation period. Please see below breakdown.

Put the below in table format

Vendor Type Age Details Payment Cycle Probation Period
New vendor <60 Days Vendor that is less than 60 Days on Jumia Monthly 2 Months
Inactive Vendor >3 Months
  1. Get an order

Each new transaction will add an entry into your account statement. Delivered orders will add the item price and deduct commission and fees. 



  1. When will the money be available ?

-Jumia only pays for items that have been delivered successfully to customers. Pending, ready to ship, shipped ,delivery fails are not paid for. 

– You will receive your payment within the timeline set in your Vendor center either weekly or monthly. Weekly payments are done on the 3rd working day of every week in-exemption of any public holiday for orders delivered the previous week. Monthly payments are done on the 8th working day of the proceeding month 

– You can see all your pending payments in the “Due and unpaid” & “Open statement” sections of your Account Statements.


  1. Receive automatically the money on your bank account

– Once the payment is due, Jumia will automatically send it to your bank account mentioned in “Your Profile” or your MPESA account.

  1. Download all documents you need

To give you full visibility on the transactions linked to your account and help you keep your accounting clean, you have the possibility to download at the bottom of your “Export Transaction”