What is our counterfeit policy ?

Because at Jumia we care about the satisfaction of our customers, we want to make sure that the products we deliver to them are original. Indeed, in accordance with the regulation, Jumia does not sell counterfeit products.

Besides, sellers face a penalty of KES 20, 000 if they sell products that are not original (so-called counterfeit or fake).

1. What is a counterfeit product?

A counterfeit product is a product that takes the elements of a known brand (logo, model …). The purchase and sale of counterfeit goods is prohibited by law.

2. How to make sure you do not sell fake products

  • Do not sell products that look like brand name products.
  • Do not sell products whose name is reminiscent of a major brand.  Example: Channel for Chanel, Japador for J’adore.
  • Do not sell counterfeit products, whether at the original price or at a lower price. In both cases, this is considered the sale of counterfeit goods.
  • Incase your product has no brand indicate the brand as Generic/Fashion.

3. What happens if a seller sells counterfeit goods?

  • The seller is exposed to a penalty of 20,000 KES.
  • If this is repeated 3 times  the vendor will be delisted.
  • Jumia randomly checks for potential counterfeit products on the website. If a product is suspected a vendor will be given 48hrs to prove the product is not fake. If the conclusion is the product is fake .Vendor is charged a penalty.