For the past few months we have observed an increase in the number of vendors having more than one account. We have cases of vendors having up to 23 accounts.

Each additional account increases complexity for our team to handle – and therefore impacts your vendor experience (longer queues, longer reconciliations, multiple IDs to handle, etc).

To avoid the challenges above & protect your experience. We will no longer allow vendors to hold multiple accounts (without explicit consent).

We will regularly delist all duplicate accounts

Why we discourage duplicate accounts

  • More difficult for vendors to manage their accounts
    • More accounts mean more IDs and slows the drop off process – resulting in longer queues  
    • Stock updates and monitoring becomes harder for vendors, increasing out of stock
    • Account reconciliation becomes complicated
  • More sales history on an account results in more sales
    • Without a sales history, you cannot qualify for loans, get reliable advice from the Jumia team
    • Less customer review history on your products – which is a big driver of conversion rate (= trust)  
    • It impacts your Seller Score – and therefore boosting
  • Creating more time for Jumia staff to support you  
    • One vendor is called numerous times for various issues and this time could be used to reach more vendors
    • Our team can spend less time on each vendor, as they rush to the next “Vendor ID”
  • Vendors are not accountable for their actions, impacting our brand & your future sales
    • To avoid order limits or penalties fairly applied for bad behaviour, vendors open new accounts. This damages customer experience and therefore your future sale  

We will be deleting all unauthorised duplicate accounts on a weekly basisOur team will contact you to align on which accounts to delete and help you move your products to one account.

  • As from today all new accounts will be audited and duplicate accounts will not be activated.
  • Frequent audits of accounts will be carried out (and repeat offenders will be penalized if necessary).
  • Please note that you can sell all your products in one account regardless of the category.
  • Only one vendor ID will be accepted during shipping and RTV collection unless authorised.