Source enough products to satisfy the huge demand from customers during this period.(You are expected to receive 6 times the orders you receive on a normal day)

Update your stock on seller center daily to ensure it always matches your physical inventory.

Hire additional staff to manage the big volume of orders during Black Friday. You will need extra help in packing and dropping-off during the event.

Drop off your orders as soon as you receive them to avoid backlogs during the event. You will also be rewarded for shipping your orders quickly

To view the best time to drop off your orders, please click HERE

Ensure you have sufficient Packaging materials before the event begins: flyers, cartons, bubble wraps, stickers.
If you dont know how much to stock up with, reach out to our support center today

To avoid rejections during quality check, take a look at our Quality-Check Guidelines and ensure all your packages adhere to them.

To view the location of our hubs and their operational ours, please click.HERE.

Pick up your Returns as soon as you receive communication on their availability. This will help us expedite your forward order deliveries

Have a fantastic Black Friday!