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Promotions FAQs

Please ensure all orders is/are updated to “ready to ship” within 24 hours of the order dropping on your seller center and the item(s) are dropped off within 24 hours during promotions.

As always, we want to ensure your customers get their orders quickly. Vendors that drop-off their items on time will have a higher delivery success rate and will receive payment faster.

Do not cancel the order. If you do, you will have higher out-of-stock which could result in a daily order limit. Instead, process one of the orders while you Raise a Claim or call 0709726000. The Jumia team will confirm duplicate order(s) on your behalf or cancel the order where applicable. You will then receive a call you back within 24 hours if the order is not a duplicate.

Vendors that have been selected to participate in the promotion may notice a change in the prices of their items. This price change is in line with your approved promotion price.

During promotions, order limitations will be based on your seller score.  The pending to ship order limit means a maximum amount of order(s) will be allowed to stay in ‘Pending’ and ‘Ready-to-Ship’ statuses at the same time. Your products will be online again when at least one order has been shipped.

The daily order limit means once you receive your maximum number of orders, all your products will be offline. Your products will be online again at 12 am.

Promotions are important sales event! The Jumia logistics team is excited to be delivering millions of orders to customers all over the country in record time. Because of higher-than-usual sales volume, we have communicated to all customers that the delivery timeline will be prompt.

If a delivery failed or rejected item was not made available for collection within 30 days from when the item was shipped, you will be notified to send an invoice so that we can pay you. Please be reminded that all invoices must be sent within 14 days of notification.

You can contact us by calling 0709 726 000 or raise a claim via this link or by simply clicking on the raise a claim bar on the top left corner of your seller center dashboard.