1. Grow your sales and your business

Jumia Express is a premium service with guaranteed express delivery.

All items are carefully packed by Jumia and supported by our quality after-sales service – doubling your customers’ satisfaction and willingness to buy.

          Jumia Express customers pay no additional fees. Jumia Express is available at no additional cost to them. They receive products at speed, whilst your brand benefits.



  1. Build Customer Trust & Online Reputation

Optimize your Seller Score ! Seller score is part based on shipping experience: 

– low cancellation rate

– shipping time 

Which Jumia both oversees with Jumia Express!


Why should I have a high Seller Score ? 

As a power-seller you’ll be eligible for Silver and Gold badges. They bring several advantages including : 

– Special campaigns

– Marketing investment

– Additional product boosting

– Dedicated account manager


Improve your product satisfaction score

The 5-star product satisfaction rate is a significant differentiator for product selection among st customers, along with price and discount.  

With our service, you ensure an optimal customer satisfaction!


Trustful products will be highlighted!

What is a trustful product ? 

– Price 

– Quality

– Usability

– Shipping



  1. Increase your visibility on Jumia

Jumia Express products are flagged with the “Jumia Express” Badge and feature at the top of the listings for each category.                               

Customers can easily toggle “Jumia Express only” to identify products available via free, fast delivery.



  1. Reduce your costs.

Save on storage fees:

– Competitive storage costs guaranteed in our Warehouse

– Pay only for Jumia Express warehousing and delivery services – no additional charges or hidden fees


Save on operational fees: personnel, packaging and processing charges. Processing fees for Jumia Express only apply on final delivered orders.They include: 

– Storage

– Order treatment (pick & pack)

– Packaging

– Shipping 

– Product returns 



5. Save energy with a 100% flexible service

– Choose online which stock you want to put on Jumia Express. No obligation to put all your stock in Jumia Express.

– No Sales Volume Limit. Sky’s the limit, with Jumia Express you won’t experience any limits on your daily sales orders

– Join and leave Jumia Express easily, whenever you want. No engagement, no entry fees – you manage your account from your computer.

– Get paid faster. Fees automatically deducted from your seller account once your order has been delivered

– No aftersale management. We manage customer complaints, returns and reinbound items that can be sold again.