Selling on Jumia Requirements

Who can sell on Jumia?

Anyone can sell on Jumia, whether you are an individual seller or a business seller, there is an option to register for both!

How can I register to sell on Jumia?

Registering on Jumia is easy, just click here and complete the registration process.  Note: Upon registering you are required to complete a profile with the required information as part of KYC

What papers are required to register on Jumia?

If you are an Individual seller, you will need: 

  1. A copy of your ID (Passport, National ID)

If you are a Business seller, you will require: 

  1. A copy of your ID (Passport, National ID)
  2. A copy of a company bank account statement or a company bank account registration certificate
  3. KRA PIN
  4. Certificate of Registration (CR12)

How to insert your bank details information?

Here is the explanation about each field required to fill in your bank details

  1. Beneficiary Name: Full name of the bank account holder.
  2. Bank account number: It is the identifier of your bank account, it contains 6 to 18 digits.
  3. IBAN: It is the international unique identifier of your bank account. It starts with 2 letters that are your country code, followed by 12 to 30 digits.
  4. SWIFT CODE: Also called BIC code, it is a unique identifier of your bank. It contains 11 characters.
  5. Bank document: It is an official document issued by the bank document to prove that you/your company is the owner of this bank account. This document must include the bank name or logo, the account holder’s name, and the account holder’s address, and must be issued on bank letterhead or stamped by the bank. This document could be a bank account statement or a bank account registration certificate. Examples of Bank documents are below:
  6.  Bank name: Full name of the bank