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Return Guidelines

By 2019-04-29Uncategorized

Dear Valued Vendor,

In an effort to improve our return to vendor process and better our vendor  experience we have made a few tweaks to our return to vendor process.


Types of RTV (Return To Vendor) ;

Direct RTV and Delayed RT

Direct RTV are orders returned due to delivery fails and returns. The vendor is given 7 days to pick up and they must produce their vendor id, if not collected within the 7days of as communicated, the orders are transferred to Msa Rd WH.

Inventory RTV are items that have exceeded 90 days period at the WH. Communication is sent 3 times for the nxt 60days with 2 legal notices. After whichthe items that fail to be picked up get forfeited.


No RTV Rejection policy prevents vendors from rejecting their returns. Instead, if their returns have any issue, they are to Raise a Claim on the spot or within 2hours after collecting and this will be addressed by the Vendor Issue Resolution team. As a result the vendor will be reimbursed depending on the extent of the damage.


Jumia Guarantee

Jumia Guarantee terms & conditions: 90 day coverage on all items worth 1500 KES or more, excluding Fashion, FMCG, Beauty (starting from delivery date) Applies to electronic items with manufacturing defects and items which do not turn on.

The vendor keeps the sale (equivalent payout) biut charged a 2 x commission penalty (at a max of sh 3000) Your products will not be eligible for Jumia Guarantee, if returns for defective/DOA items surpass 10% of your total sales in value If you pass this 10% threshold, we will refund the customer & return the product to you (no Service Centers involved, no rejections allowed)