A tool integrated into SELLER CENTER that gives actionable recommendations to help you GROW your business IMMEDIATELY





Seller Coach Provides Recommendations on

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Seller Coach helps to manage your pricing to ensure you have the best price thereby increasing your revenue. The Pricing page also provides analysis of your product visibility and sales and recommends the best price to win the buy box.

Item sold : this is the quantity of the product that was sold

Conv.rate : This is the number of visitors that view your products to the visitors that convert to customers by purchasing your products.

Pageviews : this is the total number of visitors in the website that see the product

Revenue : This is the total amount generated for sales of the product

Price : This is your original price of the product

BUY BOX price : this is the price of the seller who has the Buy Box, and therefore drives 90% of sales on this item on Jumia. You need to beat this price!

Comp Price : …this is the price of your competitors

Reco. Price : this is the price we know will help you get ahead of competition and attract more customers

Missed business : Have you ever wondered what happens if you don’t reprice? Seller Coach gives you the amount of sales you miss out because customers prefer to buy a cheaper product with similar specifications

Action : Once you’ve looked at all the data and seen where your competition stands, you can choose to match the best price. we will always ask you the question a second time so that you are 100% sure on your decision

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[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Replenishment” tab_id=”1557406614822-674d4ffa-63d1″]

The replenishment page, represents a list of products where a seller has low coverage or is out of stock based on the sales of this products during the last 30 days.

    1. Stock : this is the number of units you have in stock on Jumia for this product

    2. Recommended stock: this is what Jumia experts recommend you restock with so that you continue delighting your customers

MISSED BUSINESS : this is the revenue you will earn if you make sure to always have good stocks of this product

Action: …Or you can also edit your own stock by clicking on the « stock » column and typing in your own stock

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[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Content score” tab_id=”1557408956014-f30305bb-fd9e”]

Seller Coach identifies the items in your shop which have a low Content Score that prevents them from being sold.

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Sellercoach identifies your sponsored products and recommends products that needs to be optimised.