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Counterfeit Products

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Dear Partner,

As we are all aware that one of the biggest barriers to e-commerce growth in Kenya is Trust.  Customers , especially new customers are always very skeptical of trying to purchase something online for the first time. Existing customers rarely come back in case they have a poor experience with their orders.

The biggest fear of customers is purchasing poor quality products or even worse counterfeit products.  The sale of counterfeit products erodes our customers’ trust and even makes it difficult for us to acquire more customers due to the tarnished reputation.

We take product quality very seriously and we would like to provide our customers with a variety of good quality affordable products at all times.

To ensure we have accurate descriptions – apply the suggestions below.

Non-fashion items products without any logo or brand name Use Generic as the brand
Fashion items products without any logo or brand name Use Fashion as the brand
Product with a logo or Brand Indicate the name of the Brand as labeled

Please note:

  • Any product with brand names and logos that are indicated as generic will be considered counterfeit.

Example 1.

The product should be marked as an EPSON brand

Example 2

This product is correctly mapped as a generic product

Reach out to vendor support to create a new  brand that is not existent on seller center or fill in this form

We have a list of brands that are restrictedbecause of the numerous counterfeit products identified . For you to sell such brands you should provide a letter of authorization from the brand.

The stage at which the counterfeit is identified Penalty Consequence
Counterfeit identified during website quality check 1000 KSH Product Deactivated
Counterfeit identified during drop off 25,000 KSH Product Deactivated
Counterfeit identified after customer complaints 25,000KSH Product Deactivated, vendor deactivated in case of more than 2 occurrences

But do not worry,  in case you have any disputes about the penalty charged or  products wrongly classified as a counterfeit product –raise a claimand it will be resolved within 48hrs.

Reach out to vendor support  on 0709 726000  in case of any questions or clarification