You have talked, and we have listened? Being compensated for items or packages is a long and arduous process. As of 4th of February we will be changing our process to make this compensation faster.

How does this work?

You’ll be required to accept all your returns and delivery fails regardless of the condition. In case you have an issue with the items or packages you will be expected to raise a claim within 2 hrs and log in the claim with the agent at the drop off station. Attaching the relevant documentation and photos to support your claim.

Vendor support will validate the claim within 48 hrs and compensation will be made with your next statement.

For example.

How to Raise A Claim?

  • Login on to your seller center
  • Click on Raise a claim

  • Input your email address that is registered to your store
  • Input your store name as it is on Seller Center
  • Select the Claim type
  • Fill the all relevant information to help us resolve the issue faster and submit.

That’s it! Refunds will be credited to sellers’ payment account after your claim checks out, and they will no longer have to raise invoices and wait weeks for your product to be compensated.