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Lesson Objectives

How to

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Lesson Objectives

Now that you have learned how to add products one by one or using the “Sell yours” feature on Jumia, and how to manage and/or update your products the next step is to manage your orders once the start coming in.

By the end of this lesson you should be able to:

  • Move your orders from Pending to shipped
  • Understand the the packaging guidelines
  • Understand how to order packaging material from Jumia

How to

Managing orders is an essential skill that you need to always keep your customers receiving as soon as possible

Moving your orders from pending to shipped

Understanding the Packaging guidelines

Before processing an order you need to understand our packaging guidelines. As a rule all items that are sold through Jumia have to be packed in Jumia packaging material.

There are a couple of steps you would need to take before actually buying the packaging material.

  1. Understand the packaging guidelines
  2. Buy the packaging material


You always need to have the packaging material with you whenever you are selling on Jumia. When you buy the packaging material you need to come and collect it within 12 hours.

Never pack your products in the Jumia Packaging material before you have brought them to Jumia for drop off.

The items will be quality checked and then if they pass the QC that is when you pack them

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