What is the new process?

In effect, the new process will require the vendors to collect all reversed packages and if they have an issue with those packages, they are to raise a claim using the vendor claims form. Once the form has been filled in, the details will be sent to the vendor issue resolution team who will approve or reject claims based on a matrix they have and the present and past details of that vendor. Initially this will be a manual step executed by the VIR team but it will eventually be automated.

What is the goal of the new process?

The goal of this new process is to improve our VXP (shorter issue resolution SLAs) and improve Jumia Services reverse-flow operations (reduction of volumes directed to after-sales and end of RTV rejections backlog).

How can our vendors get on board?

Before the operations start to push for this new process in the last mile (VDO) hubs, a set of communications will be sent in advance to all vendors explaining to them the changes that will be made and explaining the advantages for both sides of raising a claim instead of rejecting RTV packages. The RTV agent will help the vendors raise their first claims at the hub.

In the case where a vendor still wants to reject a package on the spot, the hub operator would highlight to you the advantages of the new process and explaining what happens if the vendor rejects the package and leaves it at the hub.

If the vendor still insists on rejecting and leaving the package in the hub, the package will be reversed to after-sales where it will be forfeited, submitted to quality control and moved to inventory or quarantine depending on QC result.

What are the advantages of this new process?

The main advantage of this change for you the vendor is that you can get quicker issue resolution and compensation for returned items.

The advantages for the vendor are:

  1. Replacing ownership issues with financial issues during vendor issue resolution as these are easier to solve.
  2. Eliminating the need to ask for invoices to complete forfeitures for rejected RTV packages.
  3. Improving the vendor experience.

How will a vendor raise a claim?

  • The vendors should only raise a claim related to a return in case of any issue with the returned item;
  • The claim has to be submitted by the vendor within 2 hours after receiving the RTV package;
  • Go to Seller Center and click on ‘Raise a Claim’;
  • Choose the reason for the claim;
  • Explain in the additional comments box the reason for the claim;
  • Attach all the relevant documents and pictures that support the claim.

What if a vendor wants to raise a claim for several packages (all delayed, for example)?

The vendors can make a maximum of four claims per package.

How can Jumia track those vendor claims?

All vendor claims will be treated and tracked as tickets in Salesforce.