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Table of Contents

Lesson Objectives

How to


Lesson Objectives

Now that you have learned the basics to add products, manage your orders and some tips and tricks to manage your online store, it’s time to interact live with our expert and fun trainer, and jump to the next level.

How to

If you have questions you’d like to ask regarding topics in the basic training, why don’t attend our live training, and interact with our experienced trainer(s) who will be more than happy to answer your questions.

We have live training’s for basic training’s offered in 1 location and it is FREE! :

 Westlands Kaka House 6th Floor: Which is the main location for training

To come to the training all you have to do is register for the time you are available for the required training module. Let’s see how that is done:

  1. Write an email to vendorsupport@jumia.co.ke and they will help you book your slot
  2. Or you can book your Training from here
  3. Select the training type as basic training
  4. Or select the specific module you require training for.
  5. Select your preferred time to come for the selected training module.
  6. Then enter your contact details.
  7. And click “Submit

You will automatically receive an email with the registered details, including the type of training, date, time, and detailed address and location.

However if you understand the basic training 100% , and would like to attend the advanced training, then find below the advanced training we have to offer:

  1. How to increase your sales(marketing): The simple tools that you can use to increase your sales
  2. Finance reconciliations: Which is useful for creating your products in bulk, if you have 50+ products.
  3. Content Creation (Production): How to build great quality content

And you can book the advanced training exactly the same way as booking the basic training.


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