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Lesson Objectives

How to

Important notes

Lesson Objectives

Now that you have learned how to add products one by one or using the “Sell yours” feature on Jumia, you want to manage and/or update your items to always keep your shop fresh & up to date.

By the end of this lesson you should be able to:

  • Make a copy of an existing product.
  • Edit product details including (Name, Description, Photo…)
  • Search for specific item in your marketplace to view it on Jumia website.
  • Quick edit for (Price, Stock, Sale Price)
  • Show/Hide products on Jumia website.
  • Know the reasons if item isn’t live on Jumia website.
  • Track bestselling items.

How to

Managing products is an essential skill that you need to always keep your customers viewing your products with their current updates.

Copy product

  • In case you have a different color or a similar item to one that is already createdyou will need to create it in a separate SKU.
  • Please note you can’t add different colors under the same SKU(product) or edit an existing SKU(product) to refer to a new color as each color needs to appear on a separate result on Jumia website, but there is a very easy way to create the new color item.
  • You can take a copy from the existing product in order to Edit it and save it as a new product with the new SKU details.
  • Under Products > Manage Products You can click Edit after the action column
  • Under Edit Click on Copy product.
  • This will create a new copy of the product already existing on your seller center which you can edit the details inside to match the new item (color, name, photo, SKU…)
  • After adding the new product photos you can click Submit and finish so the product will be submitted as a new product creation and will appear on your products list as a new separate product.
  • The new created product will undergo a review process that takes a maximum of 48 hours.

Edit details

  • You can edit details of a product either (Name, Description, Photo…).
  • Under Products > Manage Products You can click Edit in front of the SKU already created.
  • Under Edit Click on Edit details.
  • This will take you inside the product where you can navigate between all four pages to edit all details of this product.
  • The updates will undergo a review process that takes a maximum of 48 hours.

Product details

  • You can find details of the items listed inside the Manage products tab.
  • Under Products > Manage Products You will be able to find a list with all details of the items in your account.
  • Here you will find Product name which will also show you the picture of the item when you hover with your mouse over it.
  • You can also find SKU which will show the SKU for this item in case you need to search using it or sort using it.
  • Then you’ll find Created which will show the date when this product was created.

Edit Price and Stock

  • After Created you will find the tab Price which shows the price you set for your products and you can simply edit the price by simply clicking on the price of the item you want to edit and just type the new price inside the box and click Save.
  • You will also find Sale Price that will allow you to apply a sale on your product. Simply click on the box under Sale Price which will open a popup that allows you to set a discounted price that will appear on the product page showing the original price of the item on the website while letting the customers know that you are currently offering them a discount and you have to choose a start date and end date for your discount.
  • Next you will find Available which shows the number of stock supposedly available from this item in your store. You can edit this stock by clicking on the number of the stock of the item you want to edit and just type the new stock inside the box in front of Allocated Stock and click Save. *You can edit product stock wither increase it or decrease it as long as the stock you will type in will be available stock.
  • After this you can see the Visible tab which shows you whether your item is visible on Jumia website if you search for it or not if it shows (✓) this means item is active and visible if you search for it and you will find the item name is a hyperlink which you can click to direct you to the product page directly, if it shows (✘) this means item is not active and is not visible if you search for it on Jumia website either due to a reason from the system or just because you turned its visibility off, you can simply click on the (✘) and this will show you the reason why this item isn’t visible on the website whether it’s lack of stock, rejection in QC or you just turned it off and you can simply fix the reason to get the product live again.
  • Next is the Active tab that allows you to either to activate the item to be shown on the website or deactivate it in case you don’t want to make it visible on the website for any reason you might have. You just toggle the switch between (ON/OFF) to either turn product visibility status on or off.

Manage Products page also allows you to view more details about other aspects of your created SKUs

On the top of the page above the titles we talked about already you can find different options to filter your products.

  • Live: This one will show only the SKUs after being reviewed and they become live on the website.
  • Image Missing: This one will show the SKUs that were partially created and they are missing the Images and from here you can find them and start editing them to add the Images and finalize the creation process to start their review process and get them to become live on the website.
  • Poor Quality: Here you can find the SKUs that didn’t pass the review process and in front of each rejected item you will be able to find the reason for rejection whether it’s (Different image needed, Separate colors creation, Fake brand). You can click edit the product and update the rejected parts to match the quality needed and get it into the review process again to be approved.
  • Sold Out: This will show you the products with zero stock in order to be able to refill their stock again to get them back to active status
  • Best Selling: Here you will find the items that have the most sales in your store to let you be aware of their updates and make sure they always have stock as they get you the biggest sales revenue
  • Inactive: This tab will show the products that aren’t visible on Jumia website whether the reason is you set them as OFF or they are still under revision.


Check your products daily to always make sure stock is up to date and in case product info needs modification and to be aware which of your products are best sellers to focus on them properly.

Important Notes

Managing products is one of the ways we will build a good experience for our customers, therefore you need to ensure that your shop is managed properly from a stock point of view

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