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Create one by one

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Table of Contents

Lesson Objectives

How to


Important Notes

Links/Tools and Systems

Lesson Objectives

By the end of this lesson you should be able to:

  1. Adding products effectively one by one to your store, if you are adding a new product nonexistent on JUMIA. (This rule is most effective if you are going to add < 20 products a time)
  2. JUMIA Images guidelines to make your products look appealing on your online store.

How to

  1. Connect to your Seller Center
  2. Go to the Product Creation Page by clicking on Products> Add Product
  3. Click on “Create a new product
  4. Select the category and sub-category of your products and click on “Select
  5. Fill in the requested information including the mandatory fields explained below:

Product Information:

Product Name:

  • Fashion: (Product Type) – (Product Material) – (Color)
  • High Tech: (Model) – (Screen Size) – ( 4G, Dual SIM or Dual Core) (Internal Memory) – (RAM) – (Color)

Brand: It’s the brand of your product

  • For any product that does not have a brand, choose “Generic”
  • If your product brand is not listed on JUMIA, please use the Jumia Brand Creation Form, and we will generate it for you.

Color: the main color of the product: blue, black, white, multi color “which means the item itself is made of more than one single color” etc….

More product details:

The mandatory fields you will need to insert are the


  • For all Fashion products clothing, shoes, bags you will insert (0.02)
  • For GM you will insert the approximate actual weight of the product.

Main material: Is the main material of the product.

Product description:

  • General description: You will add a short paragraph to market your store and products. It can be about the history of your store, and the selling point of your store or brand, so the selling point of your product.


  • Product Specifications :

○       You will insert the full details of your products including product dimensions, detailed material, size, design, all functions, and technical specifications, and detailed features so that your customer can imagine exactly what he will be receiving in hand.

○       The specifications will be added in terms of bullet points by clicking on the “bullet point icon”

○       The specifications are crucial to make sure your customer is getting what he expects, and to reduce the return rate to the minimal. The more specifications, the better

  • Product Specifications (Arabic) same as above but translated to Arabic.


  • Warranty field, you will insert the warranty time of the product if it’s a GM product. (Example : 1 year)

Then click on the “Enter product variation “page.

 Product variation Page (Product pricing):

In the Seller SKU you will insert a seller code for your product (It’s a code that defines your product on your store – You can call it your own barcode of the product) you are free to type it in alphanumeric ex: ABC01-Black-S or 0192u4b2wgq, it’s up to you to design the code. (Remember that every product in your store will have its own unique SKU even it’s for the same model with the same color but different size (capacity).

  • ISBN and UPC is the international code for your products, it is only mandatory if you sure selling books.
  • In the Quantity field you will add the stock which will be dedicated for JUMIA. The quantity you are going to fill must be the quantity of products in good condition that you physically have, which you will be able to process and deliver in case you receive orders.
  • If you have different size for the exact same product model and color, make sure to put all size variation under the same product sheet by selecting a variation (Size), then clicking on “Add another product variation” and adding the new size in the variation field and don’t forget to change the SKU code.

○       So Basically variations are only for size variation, and not color variations

○       Just add as many lines as there are variations available.

○       Each new product color must be created as a new product

  • Then you will add the price of your product, and the sale price for your product (optional) along with the sale date (optional).

Then click on “Upload images” button.


The photo is a major selection criterion for a customer. Make sure you have quality photos to increase your sales. You can add up to 8 images per product.

Below are some rules to consider when adding an image:

  • Image size > Minimum Dimensions: 500×500 pixels, Maximum Dimensions: 2000×2000 pixels, Maximum File Size: 2MB.
  • White or light grey background color is most recommended.
  • The first picture is the display picture of your product, which is the 1st picture the customer sees before actually clicking on your product to see the product description and the rest of the pictures.
  • The picture must contain only the product(s) the customer will be receiving.
  • Product resolution needs to be good so that your customer can see more details when they zooms in the image.
  • No water marks on the images.
  • For Fashion items, you must display the product from three angles: Face, Back and Close UP. The close Up makes it possible to zoom on a detail of the product and the quality of the product.

Once we have added the images, all you have to do is click on “Submit and finish” and by that you have added you 1st product successfully on the Seller Center.

The product should undergo a quality check and be uploaded on the website within 48 hours.


Important Notes

Now that you know how to add products on your store, you need to know how to generate sales.

The basic factors to generate sales are:

  1. Assortment
  2. Pricing
  3. Display

To have more insights regarding these 3 factors, please proceed with the next lesson

There are other factors needed for sales growth which will be mentioned in the advanced training section

Links/Tools and Systems

  • Click here for a detailed view of the ideal image guidelines.

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