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Basic to achieve sales

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Table of Contents

Lesson Objectives

How to

Lesson Objectives

Now that you have learned how to add products one by one or using the “Sell yours” feature on Jumia, you want your customers to start purchasing products from your store.

By the end of this lesson you should be able to:

Know more about the basic key factors to generate sales.

*There are other factors needed for sales growth which will be mentioned in the advanced training section

How to

The basic factors to generate sales are:

  1. Assortment
  2. Pricing
  3. Display


  • More assortment = More sales
  • Having variety is an important factor in increasing your sales. Imagine yourself as a customer who wants to by a T-shirt …would you like to enter a store that has only 3 T-shirts or 100 T-shirts? Definitely you will go for the store that has more variety for the same product.
  • Studies have shown that vendors with 20+ SKUs will usually get above 1 sale per week, but to increase your sales, you will need to increase your assortment.

Here you can find a graph of how more assortment will lead to more sales based on a study made by Jumia following the same seller throughout the year.



  • Pricing is a major factor in affecting sales growth.
  • In the world and economy we live in, everyone wants to grab the best deal in the market. Sometimes you end up buying things you don’t actually need just because of a good bargain.
  • So in order to offer your customers the best price, you can easily do that by frequently checking the price offered by your competitors. You can easily do that through checking what your competitors are offering or you can simply go on JUMIA and search of your product/category and check out the prices of your competitors.
  • Don’t forget that providing the best price will get you the “Buy box”, If you can’t offer a better price than the price already on the website you will be added under the “Other sellers” tab under the “Buy box.”


The display of your product online is crucial to achieve sales.

  • When a customer searches of a product on JUMIA, the first thing that draws his attention is the 1st image of the product and the price, if it draws your customer’s attention, then chances are that he will click on the product to explore more.
  • Then comes the 2nd most important part which is the detailed specifications of your products and images quality, if you provide your customer the utmost details of your product (dimensions, materials, specification, functions, features) , you increase the chances of purchases
  • More high resolution images from different angles, or showing how the product can be used will increase chances of purchase




  • There are different tips you can use to increase your assortment and lower your price.
  • You can bundle your products and add them as a new Product (New SKU) and lower your price.


  • If you buy 1 blue T-shirt , you sent the price to KES 1000
  • If you buy 2 blue T-shirts , you sent the price to KES 1700
  • If you buy 3 blue T-shirts , you sent the price to KES 2250
  • So you managed to create 3 SKUs simple from Jumia 1 blue T-shirt, so imagine how much more products / assortment you can create.
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