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What makes Jumia the best online marketplace?

By 2018-12-17Uncategorized

While you may already know that Jumia is one of the major e-commerce market leaders in the country, did you know that it is also the most trusted brand for consumers? According to the GeoPoll study of 2017, Jumia is one of the most known online shopping sites in sub-Saharan Africa, shoppers across Kenya prefer Jumia’s online marketplace for exactly this reason. Trust translates into more purchases, and gives you, Jumia’s existing and potential sellers, a reason to sign up and ramp up for online retail.

Make the smart business decision and sell online with Jumia. We offer you the best opportunity for your online business for these 4 reasons.

1.  Lowest cost of doing business: Jumia’s online marketplace allows you to reap the benefits of sales without limitations since your cost of doing business on Jumia is lower than other e-commerce platforms. Whether you are a manufacturer, a vendor, or a supplier, you can become a top seller with minimal investment!

2.  Ease of doing business: Eliminating hassles and delays, Jumia offers you an easy interface to work on. Getting your online business to Jumia is easy and free, taking just 5 minutes of your time. All you need to do is register, list your catalogue and start selling!

3.  Highest growth rate: With customised guidance via workshops and training sessions, Jumia focuses on educating and empowering sellers like you across Kenya. All this translates into more sales. Want the numbers? On the last Black Friday, 26 sellers became multi-millionaires, 67 sellers became millionaires, and 16,364 sellers became thousandaires!

4.  Most approachable online marketplace: No matter when and where you need help, Jumia’s vendors support team is there for you. When it comes to cataloguing support, photo shoots of your products or packaging, our third-party E-commerce Service Providers are at your service. Sign up for the Jumia Express to ensure faster delivery, quality check by our experts and delightful packaging. What’s more, you get easy logistics. All this, along with the fastest payments in the industry payable weekly, and you’re sure to love selling online on Jumia!

With more than 3 million registered customers, Jumia’s online marketplace offers more scope for growth than you ever imagined. This, combined with all the support you need, makes it easy for you to spread your wings and soar. So, get started today! <https://www.jumia.co.ke/market-place/>